Archery Competition

It is generally believed that the bow an arrow was invented to be used in game hunting. However, the effectiveness of the weapon soon elevated it to a tool of warfare. The English used highly trained long bowmen to defeat the French during the Hundred Years war. This victory led to the elevation of archery to a position of respect in the British army. Young boys were trained with small bows from a very young age in order to develop the needed prowess to use the difficult bows in combat. This need for skilled archers led to the invention of the archery competition. These competitions, first held in the sixteenth century, were originally intended to encourage the young boys to become skillful with a bow and arrow.

The tradition of the archery competition lives on. It is a popular sport around the globe. The most common type of archery competition … Read the rest

Body Weight and Performance

Every individual out there has there own optimal ratio of fat to muscle mass. Society or lack of knowledge by coaches has played into athletes often looking for an ideal body weight for there own sport.

Dave Ellis from Sport alliance Nutrition in Colorado Spring Colorado has taken this topic and spun some interesting light on the subject. Traditional methods have analyzed height, wrist circumference and elbow breadth as well as weight to hight ratio.

Ellis argues that these traditional methods are not necessarily the best way to look at this topic. As a result he looks at skeletal structure. His theory is that the human skeletal structure is much like scaffolding in that different frames will be able to handle different amounts of weight to perform at there best. Ellis has come up with looking at the mid section size taking measurements of the chest cavity and hip complex.… Read the rest

Triathlon Racing

Proper training throughout the season is important to get you to the starting line of the triathlon. However, what you do in the last few days leading up to the big race can have a huge effect on your race day results. One of the more common problems is the triathlete that sustains a bad sunburn the week before the race. A serious sunburn (such as a second degree burn with blisters) can have a detrimental effect on how the body is able to regulate body temperature and sweat loss during exercise. The sunburn decreases the skin’s ability to control body temperature and sweating and can have a negative impact on the race outcome. Extra caution such as sunscreen before and during training and racing or wearing protective clothing can reduce the risk of developing sunburns. A water-proof sunblock of SPF 30 that blocks both UVA and UVB sunlight will … Read the rest

Types of Swimwear

In traditional terms men’s swimwear has been limited to speedos, as taken from the brand of the same name. These were for a long time the only form of briefs found on men in the sea or in a swimming pool. There was over the year only slight variations in the design that saw thongs and g-strings being worn by more adventurous men. The thongs are basically no more than posing pouches, and g-strings have only minimal coverage of the man’s front and back.

In the past couple of decades less adventurous men have increasingly turned to swimwear described as boardshorts. Originating from countries linked to surfing and boardshorts are larger than normal shorts, they are certainly more comfortable than other forms of swimwear.

Competition wise male swimmers have had a choice between briefs and recent developments in the jammers field of development. Competitors are traditionally always worn briefs as … Read the rest

Stretching For Athletes

Static stretching is a slow stretch. Usually, you hold the end position from 10 to 30 sec. or so. An example of these stretches we are all familiar with is the partner holds, where you bring a leg up in front, the partner holds the foot while standing in front of you, you hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Or sitting on the ground with your legs spread apart and bend at the waist to try to touch your head to your knee. These are examples of static stretching. This type of stretching is not the best way to stretch a muscle and it limits the amount of force output athletes can produce once they are finished. That’s right, after that, you’re actually weaker and not prepared for an athletic event.

You want to perform Dynamic stretching routines, which enable you to get a good stretch of the muscles while … Read the rest

Grip a Tennis Racket

When you are shopping for a tennis racket, it is so important to consider the stiffness and the head size of it. Once you have made the decision you should make sure that the racket is the correct grip size for you. The most available sizes start at 4″ and will be increased by an eight of an inch.

There are so many different ways to grip a tennis racket. Depending on the level that you are playing at, you may learn one or more of the ways to grip onto the racket. There is the western, eastern, and the continental way of gripping. One of the basis ways of holding the tennis racket is to act is if you are grapping someone’s hand to shake. You will see that this is a comfortable grip on the racket, which will allow you to have a better game. It may be … Read the rest

Baseball Betting

Betting on a Side

For those that don’t know, betting on a “side” simply means picking a team to win. When you wager on MLB baseball, you are betting on the money line and not using a spread–unless you bet on the run line, which will be talked about in a moment. Here’s a typical example of a betting opportunity in MLB baseball.

Seattle Mariners +110

New York Yankees -120

In the above example, you can pick either the Mariners or the Yankees. The team on the bottom is the home team. If you want to bet on the Yankees, you will need to lay $1.20 for every $1.00 you want to win. For instance, if you placed a $10 bet on the Yankees and they won, you would get back your $10 plus 8.33 in winnings. On the other hand, you could take the Mariners and get back $1.10 … Read the rest

Mountain Climbing for Beginners

• Destination- You can either go for a major climb or a minor climb. When a complete climb can be achieved in a day devoid of any exceptional effort and which takes within five hours to reach the summit from the point of beginning of the hiking, which is known as a minor climb. And the climb which takes days to complete and a where a lot of physical effort is required, is known as the major climb. You can decide which one to go for according to your capacity and experience. Also, you can consider the locality, availability of drinkable sources of water, view from the mountains etc while choosing the destination.

• Place to Stay- You can decide to stay in the local resorts or camp on the spot if it is possible and if you find a suitable place.

• Equipments- As a starter all you need … Read the rest

Self-Confident Triathlete

  1. Self-confidence in racing has its roots in training efforts and accomplishment. Train to the smartest of your mental capabilities. Prepare to the quickest of your physical capabilities. Perform in races to achieve the optimal results of both.
  2. Self-confidence doesn’t prevent fear. Fear of the unknown before races is great motivation to be prepared for different scenarios. Just don’t scare yourself out of your self-confidence.
  3. Reinforcing self-confidence is like a routine. Triathletes like routines. We perform rituals. Watch how meticulously the majority of racers lay out their gear in transition. And don’t even think about moving someone else’s stuff once in place.
  4. Self-confidence in isolation is ignorance. Validating your self-confidence with or in consideration of others improves your race performance.
  5. Self-confidence is fitting in. Did you ever notice how the fastest triathletes dress? Just like all the other fastest triathletes. Dress for success on race day. Businesspeople dress according to their
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Exercise via Swimming

Overall, swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Because the density of the human body is approximately similar to that of water, the body is supported by the water and less stress is therefore placed on joints and bones. Since then the buoyancy of the water protects the joints, water exercise is a particularly good choice for people who are overweight or who are prevented from taking part in other activities because of injuries or other physical limitations. Therefore, swimming is frequently used as an exercise in rehabilitation after injuries or for the disabled. It’s also safe for older people and pregnant women.

For most adults, the upper body is the weakest part of the body. Swimming exercises the arms and upper body more than the legs. In competitive swimming, excessive leg muscles can be seen as a disadvantage as they consume more oxygen, which would be needed for the … Read the rest