Month: February 2019

Archery Competition

It is generally believed that the bow an arrow was invented to be used in game hunting. However, the effectiveness of the weapon soon elevated it to a tool of

Body Weight and Performance

Every individual out there has there own optimal ratio of fat to muscle mass. Society or lack of knowledge by coaches has played into athletes often looking for an ideal

Triathlon Racing

Proper training throughout the season is important to get you to the starting line of the triathlon. However, what you do in the last few days leading up to the

Types of Swimwear

In traditional terms men’s swimwear has been limited to speedos, as taken from the brand of the same name. These were for a long time the only form of briefs

Stretching For Athletes

Static stretching is a slow stretch. Usually, you hold the end position from 10 to 30 sec. or so. An example of these stretches we are all familiar with is

Grip a Tennis Racket

When you are shopping for a tennis racket, it is so important to consider the stiffness and the head size of it. Once you have made the decision you should

Baseball Betting

Betting on a Side For those that don’t know, betting on a “side” simply means picking a team to win. When you wager on MLB baseball, you are betting on

Mountain Climbing for Beginners

• Destination- You can either go for a major climb or a minor climb. When a complete climb can be achieved in a day devoid of any exceptional effort and

Self-Confident Triathlete

Self-confidence in racing has its roots in training efforts and accomplishment. Train to the smartest of your mental capabilities. Prepare to the quickest of your physical capabilities. Perform in races

Exercise via Swimming

Overall, swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Because the density of the human body is approximately similar to that of water, the body is supported by the water and