Plan Winter Triathlon Training

Low profile Training

In the winters your body is going to be losing a lot of heat and in order to maintain your body temperature your body would be using a lot of energy – hence, you would naturally feel exerted. Therefore, when exercising during this season you should make sure that you don’t exercise too much. If possible try to keep a tab on your heart beat using a monitor.

Become a perfectionist

This isn’t exactly the best time to try and improve on a new skill or technique. Instead you should try and improve on the skills that you’ve already spent the entire summer training on. No one’s telling you not to try something new – go ahead! But, focus on what you already know.


All Triathlon events feature running as an event and hence you should train yourself during the winter. This would surely build up … Read the rest

Kicks Out of Basketball

On the drive home I was surprisingly contented with the information I got. The rationale behind his obsession was simple, really. The shoe-a-holic confessed that he got his kicks out of basketball kicks. I suppose anybody who collected anything would have a similar excuse. Paul’s collection started when he was still very young. One Christmas, he received three pairs of shoes that were exactly the same. His mom offered to exchange the other two pairs at the store but for some reason, the idea of having three pairs excited him. He almost immediately knew what he would do with each pair. That turned out to be his very first best Christmas and, consequently, the not-so-humble beginnings of his extravagant past time.

I’ve learned that “practical” collectors have a rather rigid yet optimistic criteria in buying their most prized yearnings. When Paul gets a desire to buy shoes, he seriously contemplates … Read the rest

Play Netball Safely

Train properly and regularly

First and foremost, it is important for players to train properly and regularly. This is important to help you tone your bones and muscles. Frequent training can also help individuals boost their endurance which is a crucial factor in every game. But, during training, it is best that you follow the program to avoid potential injuries. Not to mention, rest is also important when training to help muscles and bones to unwind and release tension.

Look for reliable teammates and a coach

In order to safely play netball games, it is also essential that you look for reliable teammates and a coach. By having reliable teammates, you can focus on your position and play properly. In addition, your teammates can also help you make better decisions on the court, which can reduce the risk of injuries. Meanwhile, teams with coach can increase safety during games since … Read the rest


KiteSurfing is by far the latest craze in extreme sports.  The idea of using a kite to enhance speed and gravity for the surfer seems like a new and exhilarating challenge, yet the art of KiteSurfing dates back to the 13th Century Chinese when it was used as a simple mode of transportation.  KiteSailing, as it was known, was a medium that used the wind as an aid to harness its momentum and energy to mobilize their canoes across water.  The earliest recorded history of KiteSailing dates back to the early 12th Century.
In the 1800’s George Pocock took the basic kite design to a whole new level by increasing the size of the overall kite and used them as a sail to glide carts on land and ships on the water.  The designs of the kites were engineered with 4 lines, the same setup being deployed today.  Both carts … Read the rest

Features of Triathlon Bike

This is a very important question to ask since the two might appear the same. But deeper evaluation would reveal that there is something special about this bike that could not be seen on a regular road bike.

But before enumerating these, you must remember that using such dedicated bike is not limited to triathlon events. Even on solo ride, it will ride just as great.

This bike provides an easy transition from swim to bike and from bike to run. And this is perhaps the most special thing about triathlon bike. Remember that transition from discipline to another is still part of the race and therefore must be done smoothly. Since bike comes after the swim and before the run, the bike used should be designed in a way that the triathlete can easily mount and dismount.

Among all 3 events, the longest part of the race is bike … Read the rest