Selecting Triathlon Gear

Athletes participating in a triathlon are required to complete all the three, starting with the swimming, then the cycling and last, but not least, the running, in the shortest possible time.

The triathlon requires the athletes to have optimal fitness levels in order to just complete the race, let alone to actually compete and place well.

Apart from physical fitness, athletes are also need to use the right kind of triathlon gear that helps them in staying even with if not getting ahead of the other athletes.

Athletes who want to succeed in a triathlon, not just finish, but actually compete, need to invest in the best triathlon gear available in the market.

However, selecting the best triathlon gear is not always an easy task due to the number of brands available. Most companies that manufacture triathlon gear claim that their products are the best, which often adds to the … Read the rest

Surfing Paddling Technique


Paddling for a wave is all about timing. Always stay in front of the wave, so position yourself correctly and start paddling early. Remember the faster the wave, the faster you need to paddle.


Find the sweet spot on your board. Don’t lie to far back so the nose will lift up and push water. If you position yourself too far forward your board will nose dive into the water.

Try not to lean too far to the left or right, stay balanced. Keep your board flat on the water.


When paddling you need a constant planing speed. If you paddle with both arms you will momentarily lose momentum and speed. When you double-paddle you will jerk forward and then slow down. The ideal surf paddling technique resembles a freestyle swimming stroke.


When paddling make sure you don’t tense up … Read the rest

Rose Bowl Game

Back in 1901, the organizers of the Tournament of Roses© were agonizing how to attract people to the activities on New Year’s Day. James Wagner, then president of the Tournament brought forth the idea of a post-season football game to attract the much desired attendance.

Fielding Yost, the coach of the undefeated Michigan football team challenged the University of California. California declined but Stanford stepped up to meet Michigan’s challenge. Michigan’s team devastated Stanford in a 49-0 score in front of 8,000 people.

The football game made a profit. However, due to the one sided triumph, organizers thought that the spectators would not show up for yet another football game and replaced the post-season football game with chariot racing. However, the chariot racing was wrought with problems. The unprofessional chariot racers would run into each other. Soon after, the organizers sought out professional racers, but then, the spectators assumed that … Read the rest

3D Archery Self Assessment

If you carefully examine the variables that effect one’s shooting, it is apparent that some variables can compensate for others. Some however, are lone variables in and of themselves. For example, strengthening your mind-set will make up for any kind of physiological problems such as shaking. It’s good to understand the principles of archery, such as text book theories and such as well as talking to fellow archers about methods, but simple shooting training can take the place of any inferior knowledge of the previous.

No matter how in-shape you are, it is very important to remember that no matter what your fitness level, it can never compensate for true blue technique. If you have problems with depth-perception, it will not be made up for by any other type of acceleration in any other aspect.

Another important thing to remember is that you should always keep trying to excel in … Read the rest

Triathlon Without Burning Out

First and foremost, you need an achievable training plan before you begin training for a triathlon. You need to know your weaknesses and the limits of your strengths for each event.

You could easily injure yourself and take yourself out of the running if you push yourself too fast. To avoid exhausting yourself to that level, you really need to be in good physical shape in the first place.

You can find plenty of support aides in the community if you’re training for a triathlon. You can find beginner triathlon classes at some health clubs or local gyms. When you try out these programs, you’ll be introduced to all the sports you need to know to successfully compete in the event.

A good way to begin your search is to contact the organization that’s sponsoring a triathlon, since they may be able to recommend some training classes. These are great … Read the rest

Tapering For a Triathlon

  1. Do longer warmups and warmdowns. You can keep your distance up, but start to add more to the beginning and end portion of your workout. This ‘active rest’ will assure that you are well rested for your race but not out of shape.
  2. Avoid big meals and sugar. Tapering is an adjustment for your body, and your immune system may not be as strong during this time. Big meals and carbohydrates like sugar will wear your immune system and leave you susceptible to colds and flus. Keep in mind that as your workout intensity decreases, you must decrease calorie intake accordingly.
  3. Get as much sleep as you can before midnight. Ideally, get to bed by 10:30. The sleep you get before midnight is the most crucial to your recovery. You will feel more rested if you can do this for at least 2 weeks before your event.
  4. Lay off the
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Train For An Ultra Marathon

Choose Your Event

Since the definition for an ultra marathon is pretty broad, the first thing you will need to do if you are interested in running one is to choose the event that interests you the most. Check out listings at your local sporting goods store or look online. You will want to pick an event that is far enough in the future so that you can have adequate time to train.

Some events, such as those that take place on trails, may present other unique challenges that would not be present in an ultra marathon that takes place on a surface such as a track or the street. The event you choose will all depend on your overall goals.

Develop a Training Plan

Your next step to running an ultra marathon is to find a training plan. Some ultra marathon events are so new that an established training … Read the rest

Running During Summer Time

  • Run at the coolest time. One of the hacks you can do to avoid the summer heat is run during the coolest point of the day. Good thing, free software and some apps can show the temperature highs and lows for the day or even for the week so you can schedule your run accordingly. Usually, sunrise and sunset are the coolest times. Midday is the hottest. But since weather changes can be abrupt, it’s best you check an app.
  • Look for a shady alternate route. Every runner has that favorite route. But when it comes to extreme weather conditions, you may need an alternative route to keep you safer from the elements. During summer, choose less open routes. Settle for more shades, like areas with more buildings and trees. Nowadays, there are apps which can calculate the distance of the route using GPS. They also show visuals. Use the
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Advice to an Older Competitor

Sometimes, it’s great fun – I only wish I could get rich and famous giving advice. But, it seems this is not to be, so I’ll have to keep at it just for the fun involved. And there are times when I truly enjoy the process of coming up with nuggets of advice, when asked. Let me give you a fresh example.

A 60-some year-old woman to whom I shall refer only as Wendy to avoid embarrassing anyone and inviting a lawsuit wrote about what she called her “triathlete dilemma.” She wanted my advice concerning what to do. Being an experienced triathlete as well as somewhat of an expert in wellness and a self-styled authority on everything concerning politics, sex and religion, I was happy to offer Wendy my advice about her dilemma.

Here is the issue Wendy faced, as she described it to me in a post this morning:… Read the rest

Preparing Mini Triathlon

Strengths and Weaknesses

We all have strengths and weakness. And recognizing each of them would provide you with the best tool in making it to the mini triathlon. Knowing what are your strengths would mean knowing where to begin your training. They are your blueprints. Admit it, you may be good on swimming but not in running. You might be one hell of a runner but suck on the bike. The thing is: knowing where your strong and weak points are would let you know what to improve and what to keep on improving.


If you want to cross the finish line in one piece, you need to have a goal. And this would mean drawing up a plan (a realistic plan) that would take you to your goal.

First: Set your goal. In this case your goal is to finish the race in one piece (you may also … Read the rest