Month: April 2019

Selecting Triathlon Gear

Athletes participating in a triathlon are required to complete all the three, starting with the swimming, then the cycling and last, but not least, the running, in the shortest possible

Surfing Paddling Technique

TIMING Paddling for a wave is all about timing. Always stay in front of the wave, so position yourself correctly and start paddling early. Remember the faster the wave, the

Rose Bowl Game

Back in 1901, the organizers of the Tournament of Roses¬© were agonizing how to attract people to the activities on New Year’s Day. James Wagner, then president of the Tournament

3D Archery Self Assessment

If you carefully examine the variables that effect one’s shooting, it is apparent that some variables can compensate for others. Some however, are lone variables in and of themselves. For

Triathlon Without Burning Out

First and foremost, you need an achievable training plan before you begin training for a triathlon. You need to know your weaknesses and the limits of your strengths for each

Tapering For a Triathlon

Do longer warmups and warmdowns. You can keep your distance up, but start to add more to the beginning and end portion of your workout. This ‘active rest’ will assure

Train For An Ultra Marathon

Choose Your Event Since the definition for an ultra marathon is pretty broad, the first thing you will need to do if you are interested in running one is to

Running During Summer Time

Run at the coolest time. One of the hacks you can do to avoid the summer heat is run during the coolest point of the day. Good thing, free software and

Advice to an Older Competitor

Sometimes, it’s great fun – I only wish I could get rich and famous giving advice. But, it seems this is not to be, so I’ll have to keep at

Preparing Mini Triathlon

Strengths and Weaknesses We all have strengths and weakness. And recognizing each of them would provide you with the best tool in making it to the mini triathlon. Knowing what