Learn Play Badminton

Your grip. How you grip your racket can have a large impact upon how in control you are when you are playing. There are two main types of grip that are used in playing badminton and you need to learn how to switch your grip quickly to allow you to make the shot that you need. By practicing both your forehand and backhand grip and switching them, you can make the action more comfortable, so that you can do it during the game quickly and easily.

Your serve. The serve is not just a way to start the game, it can set the whole tone for your game. This skill can be a weapon in your badminton arsenal. By having a strong serve, you will be able to give your game added power and competitiveness. The four main types of serves – high serve, low serve, forehand, and backhand – … Read the rest

Bicycle Rules

  • It Happens Every Day
    Bicycle accidents happen every day. Bikes are subject to many of the same laws as vehicles, and have the added caveat that they must be careful to avoid being struck. Vehicles moving at a high speed have a hard time seeing bikes, simply because of the speed difference in the driver’s eyes. Especially dangerous points include intersection, as in the story above, and even simply driving in the bike lane. Some believe there is nothing you can do, that accidents will happen. Not so!
  • Be Safe, Be Aware, Be Cautious
    Safety starts when you leave the house. Any serious biker should wear a helmet, and if possible additional safety equipment. Bikes should be outfitted with reflectors, and should be checked daily to ensure that they are in proper mechanical working condition. Ensure that your clothing won’t snag, your helmet won’t fall over your eyes, and wear
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How to Paper Tune Bow

The Paper-Tuning Fixture

You don’t need a fancy fixture to properly paper tune your bow. Although many pro shops have elaborate frames dedicated to paper tuning, you can get by with a simple cardboard box. Cut a hole lesser than a piece of copier paper in the floor of a cardboard box. You can tape the paper over the hole and shoot through the box. Set it on something to meet the correct height in front of the target and you are in business.

The other choice is even simpler; just buy a Paper Tune-It kit from.30-06 Outdoors ($11.95). The equipment comes with a pre-made cardboard frame to hold your paper and 10 sheets of tuning paper with pre-printed instructions for how to correct imperfect tears.

Shooting Distance

You need a fresh shot through the paper with no external interference. Place the tuning paper at least 3 feet from the … Read the rest

Effect of Warm-Ups

The effect of warm-ups on athletic performance is not a new area of research. There have been many studies showing the benefits of a task-specific warm-up, but most for acute bouts of exercise. This study is somewhat unique in that is looks at the effects of warm-up over the course of an endurance event where sub-maximal exercise is performed over a long period. The researchers hypothesized that an active warm-up would be more beneficial than no warm-up at all, and that warm-up specificity, in the form of intensity-specific bursts of swimming, may lead to an enhanced performance in the swim.

The research subjects consisted of 7 in-season competitive triathletes with an average age of 21 years, who had not competed in 2 weeks and were rested 24 hours before each trial. Every effort was made to mimic pre-race conditions including time of race, nutrition, sleep, etc. The testing trials took … Read the rest

Choosing Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes must be able to support your feet with all the stops and starts you have to make, and it must give you good support at the sides of your feet. Each surface has differing requirements, and all of us have different types of feet, all of which places different demands on your tennis shoes.

The first consideration is what type of feet you have, because that will determine how much cushioning you will need, and what and where you will need lateral support.

There are three basic foot types:

1. SUPINATED – here your wear is on the outside of the shoes

2. PRONATED – here your wear is on the inside around the ball of the foot, and this type of foot suffers the most with injuries from overuse.

3. IDEAL – here the wear is even.

Either get a fellow player to walk behind you to … Read the rest

Hockey Rules

Every hockey fan has heard of Todd Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi plays for the Vancouver Canucks. Make that “fights” for the Vancouver Canucks. Make that “fought” for the Vancouver Canucks — he “might” not play again, after breaking fellow player Steve Moore’s neck in a brutal attack from behind.

Imagine that happening in your workplace. You rush a fellow call center associate in the next cubicle and beat her senseless. And you “might” get fired.

Or you leap over the counter at the nurses station and tackle another nurse. You “might” get fired.

Or you pick up a fellow hot dog vendor and throw him into his cart, then stuff his mouth full of wieners. You could get fired. Possibly.

Would George Bush let Saddam Hussein rule Iraq again? No. Would the courts release the Unabomber to experiment with explosives? No. Would they fill all the vacant kindergarten teacher positions with surplus … Read the rest

Becoming a Better Basketball Player

When you work on and advance your fundamental skill levels, you can develop what I call “Skill Synergy”. Skill Synergy is based on the idea that the better you become at any one particular skill, the better and more developed you will become at each and every other skill. Then with the development of each skill, your entire game becomes almost twice as effective as it was before. Each skill doesn’t just work alone it “stacks” or builds on every other skill. This “synergy” then catapults your game into more advanced levels and makes success in basketball much easier.

For example, if you become better at dribbling, it will automatically make you a better shooter. The dribbling will help you get a better feel for the ball and make you feel more comfortable with the ball. That will automatically help you become a better shooter. But the “synergy” doesn’t stop … Read the rest

Stop the Over Coaching

This is what really upsets me about youth baseball coaches. The basics are what they should be teaching them, not what the coach thinks is best for them. At this age, you should be teaching them to be comfortable and relax rather than stressing them out. The pressure to win, combined with the pressure of having to apply what several coaches are telling you can be a large burden. I’m sure most people have heard of ex MLB player Manny Ramirez. I’m also sure you have heard of the saying “it’s just Manny being Manny”. He played the game with a relaxed approach and was very successful at it. HE wasn’t worried about all the information the coaches put in his head, he just did what he was comfortable with. This is what we need to be teaching these young players. Yes, of course they will need help and guidance … Read the rest

Climatic Nutrition for Runners

We realise that to run a marathon in 3 hours (or 2 or 4 for that matter) will cost us a certain amount of carbohydrate stored in glycogen and a certain amount stored in fats. We top this up with carbohydrates during the run and we have more or less success (in a nutritional sense)depending on how good we are at getting the right quantity into our system at the right time. But the complicating factor is that we sweat. On a hot day we sweat a lot, on a cool day we sweat a little and on a cold day we only sweat icecubes. But our carbohydrate intake is often linked directly to our re-hydration schedule. This is because for many of us we rely on carbohydrate drinks of various forms to provide our water, salts and carbohydrates in fixed quantities. We use the same formulas for a deadly … Read the rest

Modern Football Boots

The modern boots are designed to offer light weight experience. They are designed in such a way that you may think that a person is barefoot. This is done deliberately to protect the foot of the player in a limited way.

The boot is meant to offer your foot protection. In such a way, you can feel the surface of the ball as you play. There is something that everyone should always remember. That is, there is a standard design that is used to create the boots. Sometimes, depending on the material, they adapt to the feet. Everyone has their own unique shoe and we are of different sizes as such, you will realize that the most important boot feature is a good fit and how well they feel when they touch the ball.

The modern boots get lighter by the day and they allow one to be more flexible … Read the rest