Good Coach

The first and most important characteristic is being committed. A coach must show that he or she is willing to do just about anything for their players. As a player, nothing wants to make you want to win more than a coach that is passionate and loving towards his or her team. A coach that is committed gets players to be more committed to working hard and being better people on or off the field.

The next characteristic is trust. A coach must trust his players on and off the field or court. If a coach cannot trust their players, then how is a player supposed to trust their coach. Trust can help players feel more comfortable in high pressure situations. I say this because if the most powerful person in the building trusts you with the ball or the bat in your hand, then you should be able to … Read the rest

Open Water Swimming

First of all, breathing on both sides, or bilateral breathing, is a must. (I can hear the groans!!!) Let’s see if you are physically capable. Stand up and twist the upper half of your body to the right and then to the left. Then turn your head to the right and left. SCHEZAM!!! You can learn to breathe to both sides. Why is this necessary? Imagine or perform the following experiment. Find an open space about 400 yards long. Select a target and try to walk straight towards it EXCEPT close your eyes and turn your head, looking to the right every 2 steps. Sneak a look forward every 10 steps. Vision in the water will be even more restricted than this because you may or may not be able to see forward depending upon wave conditions, fog in your goggles or glare from the sun reflecting off of the … Read the rest

Select Bowsights

To most archers, having a bowsight is crucial to helping them perfect their shot. The bowsight, together with the archer’s skills determine whether the next shot is a hit or a miss. What the bowsight can give is the added accuracy. However, it is not as simple as merely “having” one.

Choosing and using the right bow sights is essential to performing to the standard you want to. There are a variety of designs and thus effectiveness for bowsights. Gradually, through practice and practice, the archer will grow accustomed to the use of the bowsight

Fixed pin sights are the most prevalent. Sights are fastened to the bow either by attaching directly to the bow riser or by a dovetail system. It is a a two part mounting where a metal bracket is affixed to the riser and a sight bracket holding the sight body can be quickly mounted by … Read the rest

Maintaining Bicycle Parts

The tires take the greatest weight and force, and have to be inflated as per the manufacturer’s terms. Besides air pressure, tires need to be watched for any obvious ripping or wear and tear. The wheels too need usual fine-tuning and correction, and should be checked for dents and twists that may occur by way of impact with firm objects or when the bicycle falls. The optimum method to inspect a wheel is to rotate it fast and look at it for unusual movement. The wheel should rotate without movement from side to side. If it does, make sure to adjust it. The spokes also must be firm and fixed tightly to the rims. The spokes convey weight and, when damaged, must be replaced right away.

Next to the handlebars and brakes, the tires are the most critical for safety and a good ride.

The handlebar is similar to the … Read the rest

Conquering Your First Triathlon


If the distance is 500 meters to 2.4 miles, consider training for one to two times every week in order to maintain your current fitness level, and two to five times every week for improvement. Some of the biggest challenges you may encounter will include transitioning from training in a pool to swimming in open water, paddling against waves, and swimming one continuous distance.

You have to locate a good position on the starting line. You have to expect to be hit as well as climbed over during the swim since this is a normal part of the race. Experts say that you have to ensure that you take your time in putting on your wetsuit. Also, you must pull the excess rubber up in order to loosen the material around your shoulders as this will provide you with a much bigger range of motion.


When the distance … Read the rest

Making Time for Triathlon Training

Schedule your workouts like an appointment

For many business professionals, the idea of training for a triathlon seems almost impossible when they look at their already busy schedule. The only way that I can get any of my scheduled workouts completed is to set aside the time like I do for an appointment. This practice enables me to prioritize the workout, but also move it if something else takes priority.

Make a schedule. I try to look at the week of training ahead starting on Sunday. I want to know what sort of workouts my workout plan has scheduled for the week. I then compare that to my weekly demands in my professional and family life to make sure that I can get all of the workouts completed. Sometimes I may have to place a workout a day before or a day after when it is scheduled and place another … Read the rest

Staying Well During Triathlon Training

  • I got plenty of sleep – One of the main areas that can lead to illness is when the body is overly fatigued and when you don’t get enough sleep. This is a challenge for me with my profession, my second job, two kids, a wife, and many other activities, but I tried to force myself to get plenty of sleep. The average person needs around 8 hours of sleep. I found this a hard number to get to on a nightly basis because many times I was waking up at 4 am to ride my bicycle in the basement on my indoor trainer. To get the requisite amount of sleep I had to force myself to revision the time I went to bed. In years past, I could stay up to 10:30 or 11:00 at night with no problem to get up the next morning. With my increased training
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Build Triathloning Success

  • Train to a specific set of personalized triathlon workouts for your best ROI of time to performance results. Continuing to do the same activities will yield the same results. Make your changes starting now.
  • Spend 80% of your effort to eliminate time sucks that impede progress towards your goals. These may include writing workouts, waiting on others to show up for training, analyzing meaningless metrics, eliminating worries that add no value and impair confidence, and other time wasting actions.
  • Pre-exempt troubles, eliminate potential problem areas ahead of time: lack of endurance, untested nutrition choices, incomplete check-off lists, procrastinating on race entries, indecisiveness lodging arrangements, etc.
  • Embrace downtime from work, sport, and social. Your body and mind rebounds stronger after dedicated rest, recovery, and rejuvenation. Breathe deep, exhale, and relax a bit too.
  • Focus on doing new to progress toward your goals. You’re not fixing problems. Fixing is for pets. New
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Triathlete With 7 Habits

Be Proactive

Do before being directed. Assume nothing but responsibility. Make choices instead of wishes. Learn to be a triathlete.

Begin with the End in Mind

Destination unknown is not an actual finishing line location. Commit to your end point, milestones along the journey, and skillsets needed to complete the journey. Maybe think geographical: local races, regional championships, Nationals, or maybe the end state of international racing. Maybe you think in terms of speed. Decide to go fast with a sprint distance triathlon or fastest as part of a relay leg. If you think in distances: set goals of sprint, Olympic, half, then full. Or maybe you think in terms of things like a pool, lake, then ocean or even flats, rolling/undulating landscapes or bad ass big climbs. No matter how you think, determine your end in mind. Put in writing your personalized triathlon mission in how to start including … Read the rest

Swim Freestyle Fast

If you are going to compete against the world’s best, then being tall is a great advantage. The reason for this is because the taller you are the longer you can pull under water with each stroke. Being able to pull further with each stroke means that you can take fewer strokes per lap than somebody who is shorter. This is a great advantage for you as the shorter person would have to either outlast you or move their arms quicker and they are 2 things you could improve also. Unfortunately for them, they can’t improve their height.

Height is not the only factor so don’t despair if you are vertically challenged. Your stroke rate is an important element in increasing speed. Your stroke rate is calculated by how many strokes you take per second. The faster you can stroke the faster you can potentially go. The word ‘potentially’ is … Read the rest