Month: June 2019

Dangers of Dry Firing a Bow

There are a few outcomes that could happen when a bow is dry-fired, the first is that your bowstring, and cables could snap resulting in your limbs breaking and potential

Badminton Shots

Drop Shot. This badminton shot is supposed to just go over the other side of the net. It is used mostly at the front part of the net and transferred

Triathlon Nutrition Made Easy

Food is fuel, and when one of the things you should be doing when preparing for a triathlon is making sure your giving your body the right fuel. Changes to

Minibikes and Pocketbikes

As minibikes progressed, they soon came available with engines, brakes, suspension and headlights. They became more popular for off-roading than to race. Minibikes managed well in rough terrain and were

Scoring System of Badminton

New scoring system (21-point system) A match consists of the best of 3 games, each game consists of 21 points. The side winning a rally adds a point to its

Good Trail Runners

It is time to hit the trails and good trail runners are an important part of your running gear. All trail running shoes are made with dependability in mind while

Race Longer with Low-Glycemic Index Meal

The Glycemic Index measures how high blood sugar levels rise 30 to 120 minutes after eating a particular food or combination of foods. A study from Loughborough University in England

Proper Running Shoes

Protection A well made pair of shoes includes extra protection to avoid issues of discomfort or pain while the feet are under more stress. A midsole section helps to give

Staying Motivated To Run

Understand Why You Like Running After you get back from a particularly successful run, get a piece of paper and write down exactly why you love running. Keep this list

Consistent Crossbow Shooting

To begin with, set up a bag target in a safe place. Using 100-grain field tips, practice shooting your crossbow at the target. If its the same arrow that is