River Surfing Gear


No single board works well for all conditions. Instead, most surfers will develop a set of boards that work well in their area. Some start with traditional ocean boards, but it’s not an easy way to start. It’ll be easier to learn if you start with something with more volume and a larger planing area than most ocean shortboards, and less length than the long soft top boards that most ocean surfers start out on so you can fit onto the wave. Look for soft top boards with significant rocker.

Save fiberglass boards for when you have your feet under you a little better, and don’t drive your board into the rocks quite so often.


Helmets are nearly mandatory at just about every river wave. Look for something whitewater specific rather than a bike or climbing helmet.


Wearing a leash is th eeasiest way to get killed … Read the rest

Archery Equipment

If you have selected to use a recurve bow in your bow hunting or archery endeavors, than you should consider investing in a bow stringer.

A bow stringer is important and considered essential equipment for archery because restringing a recurve bow is hard to do, and if you don’t use the bow stringer you take the risk of damaging your bow.

To correctly use this essential piece of archery equipment you first slide the biggest loop of your string over the bow’s top limb. Next you attach the other loop of the string to the tip of the other limb.

Now you hold the archery bow stringer. You’ll notice one end has a saddle while the other end has a cup. Slide the archery bow stringer’s saddle over the bow’s top limb winding the smaller cup over the tip of the bow’s other limb. This is the limb onto which … Read the rest

Soccer Cleats


The soccer cleats were developed in the 19th century, which actually had studs on them. The first soccer cleats were worn by the king of England in the 16th century. The modern cleats have replaceable studs which makes them convenient to use. According to the rules that apply to the game internationally the players are not compelled to wear cleats. The players can choose to wear anything other than cleats on an artificial turf. The cleats are pretty important when they are to be worn on the grounds with natural grass.


There are different types of cleats you need to know about when you are going to play on different ground conditions. The firm ground cleats (FG) are used on the grounds with dry and natural grass surfaces. As nowadays artificial turfs are used so the companies are producing the cleats which are artificial grass friendly. The soft … Read the rest

Hardest Sports in the World

Martial Arts

To become a successful martial artist, you need to be an enduring human being. To win this game, a person should have enough strength. Here pain and exhaustion are too high to endure without a regular training and practice. Martial arts require a lot of hand-eye coordination, endurance, and enough strength.


This sport requires fast reflexes, great eye-hand coordination and accuracy, too. Sometimes, the players get injuries due to their quick turns in the game. At times, they end with a broken wrist or ankle.


Football requires the capability of running for 90 minutes and the power of fighting with 11 opponents. A footballer needs to be fast. He or she must have rapid foresight. To become a successful football player, one should have very good foot-eye coordination.

Ice Hockey

To become an ice hockey player, you need perfect ice-skating skill. In the playground, you have … Read the rest

Serving In Matches

Set your own tempo and rhythm.

You need to always serve at your own tempo and pace.

Which means.

Never allow your opponent to dictate the tempo on your service games.

Start your motion on your own terms.

Never start serving until you have mentally recovered from the last point.

If you feel any carryover effect.

Step away from the baseline and breathe deeply for 3 times and start your pre-serve routine again.

This will help you set and maintain a good rhythm for your service games.

Never rush through your motion.

This is a very important point when serving.

You should never feel like you are rushing before or during your service motion.

Your body needs to be relaxed and your mind should be picturing one fluid service motion.

Again, if you are feeling nervous at any time before you start your service motion.

Step away from the line … Read the rest

Sports Safer for Children

These benefits are extremely important for children as they are growing up. When a child participates in sports, they will feel as though they are part of a team. This positive team environment can prepare children for adulthood in the future. Children who joint sports teams early in life also avoid childhood obesity. Additionally, children who participate in sports are often more confident and well-adjusted. They will be better prepared for the adversities of adult life.

It is natural for parents to worry about the safety of their children when they are playing dangerous sports. After all, if a child suffers from a traumatic injury when they are playing sports, they may not feel like trying out the sports again. This is why it is beneficial for parents to be knowledgeable about the various sports options available to their children. If parents are knowledgeable about the various options, then their … Read the rest

History of the Modern Triathlon

If you consider yourself an advocate of womens’ equality, consider that triathlon is one of the most progressive sports of the 21st century. Unlike most sports, the prize purse offered in a major race, is the same for men and women. The lack of gender bias shown in triathlon is both empowering and unifying, as it increases the value of women’s sports and brings men and women together in the same competitive field. When an Ironman commercial aired regularly on ABC’s popular Wide World of Sports in 1980, triathlon began to become a household name.

As the popularity of triathlon continues to grow, its enduring value in the current sports climate becomes increasingly more evident. Despite being one of the most expensive sports to engage in, Triathlon participation continues to grow. One reason might be that a triathlon allows the athlete to incorporate his or her family into the training … Read the rest

Archery Bow Making

You can use many materials when constructing your bow. For instance you can use ash, yew or bamboo wood. The material is up to you, and some will work better than others, but for the purpose of this article we will use yew wood. Here are the steps you need to take in order to construct a bow.

First off, you will need a sharp knife and axe, a piece o straight, unflawed yew wood and some kind of string that isn’t to stretchy.

Carve the wood so that it looks slightly like a boomerang. Next take the string (rawhide works well) and wax it. This is to protect it from the elements more than anything.

Now make some arrows. They have to fit the bow itself, and the arrows usually have fire hardened tips. The arrows should be short enough that they won’t break on contact.

Next carve two … Read the rest

Getting Championship Rings

Having one made for you

If you have a large budget, you can approach a company that makes championship rings and ask it to make one for you. The ring can resemble that of your team in design, but it’s always wise to customize it by adding your own details. For example, you can add your name, date of birth or any other feature that you like. You should note that most of the legit rings are made from gold or diamond and as you know, these metals don’t come cheap; therefore, you should be prepared to part with a good amount of money.

If you don’t have a lot of money, but want to have the ring with you, there are plenty of replicas in the market that you can go for. These rings resemble the real rings, but they are made from cheaper materials such as plastic. You … Read the rest

Vertical Jump & Speed Training

There are without a doubt quite a plethora of various Plyometrics & “Jump Higher” systems available on the internet as well as numerous sites offering “FREE” plyo guidelines, or mini-programs, Jump bands, jumpsoles, gadgets & exercise demos. The options are endless, so with so much to choose from, how is an athlete to know which is the best for them. I am constantly asked what I think of “Air Alert 2”, “Jumping Advantage” or “Mad Hops” or some other trendy gimmick to hit the scene. Of coarse, this is what I do… I research them, pick them apart, & so on. As you can imagine being in the field I’m in I have pretty much reviewed every E-book, manual & devise on the market. If I hadn’t, how could I honestly be offering a good & competitive product? Having said that here’s some pointer & my advise on what to … Read the rest