Mixed Martial Artists

When we put our show on television 9 years ago, everybody told me we couldn’t put on fights every week, because there just aren’t that many fighters. Especially, in the reddest of the red states, Utah. They couldn’t have been more wrong. I believe there is a little fighter in all of us.

Truth be told, if you were to try to stereotype a fighter based upon appearance or social standing, you would be completely wrong. We have had one of everything inside our cage. One wouldn’t be terribly surprised to learn that policemen, firemen and ex-cons are drawn to the sport. But, what about an emergency room nurse, a physicist, a Boy Scout leader, multi-millionaire, and even a former LDS Bishop?

The latter was 45 years old, had 6 children, and fought under the moniker of ‘Scrappy’. I will never forget this guy. He won his first fight and … Read the rest

Horse Racing Systems

Form acquired in firm and dead going is not necessarily a good guide to a horse’s chances in wet ground. It is however an indication of fitness therefore we cannot dismiss such horses with reasonable form on decent tracks when they face a change of going because some horses handle most types of going. We cannot rule out horses with poor form either especially if their recent racing has been in going which is not their preferred type. This becomes a balancing act, one which can frustrate form students who having weighed up the pros and cons of each horse’s chances will watch in despair as an unbacked longshot with absolutely no form in bad ground romps home.

It is important to put things into perspective. A 20/1 winner means you only need to get one winner in every 20 bets yet some people will try a system once and … Read the rest

Archery Stances

For the beginner, we have the even stance. It is a position that you can take that will allow you to have consistence in your accuracy and also a stance that is easy to get in to. But as all the stances, there are some downsides to using it. You don’t have much support around you when you use it. It’s easy to be knocked off balance and it doesn’t offer much strength. Falling when in the even stance is also another concern to take into consideration when deciding which ones you will want to use the most. For those shooters that have a broad chest, it does tend to lower the string-clearance area. If you want a very stable, wide stance, you might want to go with the open stance. What it also does is reduces the tendency a lot of novice shooters have which is to lean your … Read the rest

Training for 800 Meter to Win

For those who wish to race the ultimate foot race in track and field; the 800-meter awaits to test your strength of character and will. In fact some say it is the hardest race. Sprinters hate it because it kills them to sprint that far and distance runners despise it because it asks them to do the impossible. Set a pace at full speed and hold it for 800-meters. Indeed to win, that is what you must do too.

But how can one train for such a grueling race? Well it takes a lot of hard workouts that will feel and seem like a race each time you do them. The goal is to do intervals at 90-100% race pace over and over conditioning your body to take the ultimate abuse; sprinting 800-meters and putting yourself near death upon completion.

Hey, if you cannot handle the work-outs or the race … Read the rest

Rock Climbing

More than 50 recognized climbing sites have been cataloged on Vancouver Island and its neighboring Gulf Islands, offering challenges for climbers of any skill level. Some of the best sites can be found in the North Island’s Strathcona Provincial Park. Established in 1911, Strathcona is the oldest Provincial Park in B.C, and covers more than 245,000 hectares of pristine mountainous terrain. The Golden Hinde, a peak nearly 2,200 meters high is located within the park and is Vancouver Island’s highest. Its towering summit has proven challenging for even the most experienced mountaineer. The Park’s Crest Creek Crags region is another prime rock climbing destination with more than 170 climbing routes identified – offering something for everyone – from novice to experienced climber.

Climbing and caving opportunities can be found all across Vancouver Island, from the Galloping Goose Corridor near Victoria to the cliff faces of Mount Wells on the North … Read the rest

Competitive Sports

Hectic schedules these days force individuals to stay put in their workstations without moving a lot. Like it or not this is going to create a lot of health issues. Incorporating competitive sports into our otherwise lazy and monotonous routine will help us get moving. You may face problems initially like being unable to move about quickly as you used to. Age plays a very important role and you might have been slowed down by it. This applies to most people around us that includes family and friends. Having a blast of a game along with your family and friends, including a bit of positive competition and all the laughter, breathing and moving about will definitely improve your mood as well as will break the monotony.

As adults we have a lot of responsibilities and more often than not we become so engrossed in the daily responsibilities so much so … Read the rest

Improve Your Archery

Most hunters start hunting with guns, until someone comes along and talks them into trying bow hunting. Many times deer season starts earlier than the more traditional method of using guns. That in itself is a big motivation for many hunters, as they will get more time to hunt!

Another advantage is that it is usually legal to take a doe during archery season. What hunter would not like getting to hunt the woods earlier and possibly take a trophy whitetail deer. They look at it as more time in the woods, more chances to get a deer. Simple really. Or is it?

In areas such as Florida, bow hunting season, for the archery pros, opens in late September, where 85 – 90 degree temperatures and 90% humidity are par for the course. Also in Florida that is the beginning of hurricane season which usually manages to dump additional rain … Read the rest

Basic Rules of Tennis

THE COURT – Tennis should be played on a court that is built to certain specifications. The court should be 78 feet long. For a singles match, the court should be 27 feet in width, and for doubles matches, the court’s width should be 36 feet. The net should be composed of a net with a cord of metal cable supporting it at a height of 3 and a half feet. Service lines should be placed 21 feet from each side of the net, designating the area in which serving should be performed.

THE RACKET – The rackets used in tennis should only have one pair of crisscrossing strings. Vibration dampening devices are allowed on the rackets, but they can only be placed outside of the strings. No devices that incorporate batteries to help your play are allowed.

THE SCORING – Tennis is a unique game in that it has … Read the rest

Winning Basketball System

One strategy is called the pro shot dominator. It has everything to make an awesome game. I don’t understand anything about angles and shots, but the players seem to adore it. They often practice at their new system. They have even made some improvements on the game.

It depends on the person whether he will fit in the new basketball system, or resist it. It all varies, because some systems require additional skills as well as muscle mass. There are a lot of basketball systems used by novices. If you are one of them, you should first try to exercise on your shooting. The play 21 is perfect for this, because all you do is shoot the centre and get your ball in the basket. It helps you develop your hidden talent, if you have any!

Basketball system is a proper thing to work on, if you are deeply concerned … Read the rest

Structure Swim Training Plan

A) Novice. This person hardly swims. They have not done a race yet or have done one but floundered. They may sink when trying to kick on their side. Or they may not be able to swim at all!

B) Advanced Beginner/Intermediate: This person has done a few races but feels like they don’t “get” the swim portion. They feel like they don’t have the endurance and feel wiped out after a long swim.

Both A & B types should spend some time on the basic drills: kicking on your side and shark fin drill. These will help to improve your balance in the water, which ALL of us, as humans, need to work on.

However, A-types should spend more time on these basic drills. Keep practicing until you feel more balanced in the water. Use Zoomers fins at first. Take a whole month to master these drills if you … Read the rest