Month: September 2019

Defensive Basketball Techniques

Let’s begin by looking at the man-to-man defensive techniques. One of the first determinations is the dominant hand of your opponent; either right-handed or left-handed. This is the shooting hand,

How to Improve Serve

Strengthen your core muscles (and not just your six pack muscles, but all of the muscles that make up the core.) Strengthen your shoulder muscles and this includes the rotator

Basic Badminton Rules

The 15 game rally format is still the preferred format played in badminton. When not in tournament, it is still okay to follow this format and not the official one.

Bow Stabilizer

A stabilizer serves two main functions. The first is to hold the bow steady and more stable, hence its name. From this comes a secondary advantage with using a stabilizer

Swimming Techniques Improve Triathlon

In order to improve their swimming times, athletes competing in a Triathlon should focus on their vessel shaping. Usually a triathlete will focus on increasing their propulsion through the water,

How to Treat Blisters

Draining any blister is an activity that should be done very carefully and cleanly. The best time to do this is right after a bath or shower, while your skin

Surfing Etiquette

RIGHT OF WAY The surfer closest to the peak of the wave has the right of way. Also the surfer furthest out or first to his feet has the right

Basketball And Points

Basically you have to score more points than your opponents while trying to stop your opponents from scoring in the other basket. You score two points for a successful throw

Starting Off Running on the Right Foot

Starting out in running should be simple, stress-free and fun. It is a time to enjoy yourself, not to weigh yourself down with expectations and unlikely goals. In fact, I

Triathlon Swimming

Hand entry – If your head is at 12 o’clock, your hands should enter the pool at 1 and 11. This helps prevent “cross over” which basically makes you swim