Nutrition for Mountain Biking

Athletes who participate in endurance riding know about getting nutrition for mountain biking by storing extra energy in the muscle tissue for endurance riding.

The right nutrition for mountain biking is essential for endurance riding and is commonly referred to as “carb loading.”

Glucose is the fuel the body extracts from the breaking down of carbohydrates.

The glucose, called glycogen, is stored in the liver and muscle tissue.

The more glucose (bloodstream) and glycogen (muscle tissue) the body can access when in endurance situations the longer the muscles will continue performing at an optimal level and avoid fatigue.

The newest scientific findings suggest that athletes should eat a diet of 70 percent carbohydrates three days prior to an event, and physical workouts should get shorter prior to an event.

The increased carbohydrates should come from reducing protein and fat and not by simply increasing caloric content otherwise weight gain can … Read the rest

Tennis Endurance Training

Most people think tennis is an easy sport, not so and certainly that is not the case if you play to win and slaughter your opponent in a gentleman like fashion. Playing a good round of tennis with a younger, more agile and better conditioned competitor is difficult indeed.

But luckily impetuous youth will show its true colors if you have your game plan down and are sure footed on your fundamentals, then capitalize on their trick shot mistakes. Yet even in doing this the key is endurance, because once you get too tired you ability to compete with the youthful agility is severely hampered.

So then what can you do to increase your stamina and endurance in tennis? Well playing often 3-4 times per week helps, but it is even more than that. Sure you can go to the gym, jog and stay active, but realize in tennis these … Read the rest