Archery and Children

Archery is physically demanding and a good source of exercise. Your child will develop a strong upper-body as an archer. Not only does archery promote strength, it also improves focus and hand-eye coordination. As this is a sport that can be done indoors or outdoors, there is never a bad day for archery. It is a sport that can be played year round and in any weather condition.

There are several things to consider before you purchase archery products for your child. It is essential to make sure that your child has a genuine interest in the sport before you waste money buying equipment that will just sit and collect dust.

Before shopping for archery equipment, keep the overall experience of your child in mind. While you should purchase good quality archery equipment, it does not mean you have to go broke buying the most expensive equipment. If new to archery, the best way to start is by purchasing mid-range priced bow and arrows that will last a few years before you have to upgrade.

The items that you will need to purchase include a bow, arrows and a target. Important to note is that when buying archery equipment, be sure the correct equipment for your child’s size and experience is considered. Some children might not be strong enough to draw the bow and shoot safely. There are some bows that allow adjustments to fit a child as they grow.

A quiver, which is a container that holds the arrows, should be purchased. For protective gear your child should have an arm guard, which will keep the bow string from hitting the forearm, and a tab, used to protect the fingers when drawing the bow. All protective gear should be sized properly to fit the child.

Children new to the sport should receive proper training. Proper training means proper technique and an overall better and safer understanding of the sport. Children must know that bows and arrows can be lethal if used incorrectly. Supervision is critical. The fact that archery can be a dangerous sport teaches children safety and responsibility.

By allowing our children to learn and participate in the sport of archery, we are instilling responsibility, discipline, a sense of self worth and patience at a young age. Archery is also a wonderful social outlet for our children, where they can learn the benefits of competitiveness as well as team work. These are attributes that will stay with them and help them as they grow into adulthood.