Bow Sights

Even professional bow hunters and archers who have years of shooting experience are sometimes off with their precision especially when shooting at longer ranges. To avoid such events they use mechanical devices for greater precision. A bow sight is a small device attached in the bow to attain better aim. It functions as a guide and help users predict the direction that the arrow will travel. Some of the major features of this device include fiber optics, bubble levels, and gang adjustments. Generally, fiber optics technology is used for transmitting digital information, but in the shooting industry it functions as a good sighting device. The fiber-optic cables have tips that glow when exposed to sunlight. These bright tips provide better aiming view for archers and bow hunters. Some sights also have bubble levels which enables the user to maintain the bow in an upright position when shooting. On the other hand, the gang adjustments allow easier modifications of the pins for elevation as well as windage.

At present, there are varieties of bow sights available in the market. These devices vary in styles and complexity. One of the most common types of a sighting device is the fixed pin sight. This type of sight has 3-5 pins that can be adjusted for a particular distance. The pins are easy to adjust and can be tightened to ensure that they will remain in fixed position when shooting. The fix type pin is popular among bow hunter because it is easy to operate and is ideal for any kind of shooting. Others prefer to use a moveable pin sight which uses a single pin. This sight employs a system of brackets, worm gears, as well as some levers to make the pin adjustment easier and faster. One of the advantages of using moveable pin sight is it enables users to choose and aim at any distance possible just by adjusting the pin. This type of sight is ideal for target shooting.

Another type of the mechanical sight is the pendulum or commonly known as a treestand sight. This is perfect for treestand hunters who have problems with aiming and shooting at targets due to their elevated position. The treestand or pendulum sight has a single pin that is attached on a pendulum swing that allows hunters to aim more accurately even with downhill angles. For people who love testing their shooting skills by joining competitions, the 3D competition sights are the most ideal to use. These sights are engineered for competitions.