Buying Triathlon Gear

In order to have a smooth transition between each discipline (swimming, cycling, and running), proper and effective equipment should be worn throughout the entire race. Good clothing is number one on the list. A triathlete wears a wet-suit underneath their clothing to take off after running. Some people choose to take a few minutes in every transition, but in all cases this will result in losing your time and others may make it ahead of you while you are changing clothes during the bike-swim transition.

A wet-suit is made in a fabric that increases buoyancy and reduces drag, which allows you to earn a faster time in the swim segment. Unlike other sport wet-suits (e.g. surfing), triathlon wet-suit provides more flexibility in the arms and legs, lighter, more efficient and give less resistance while swimming lengths. It is generally form fitting therefore it does not bulge on areas like the neck and legs. In addition, it should be durable since they are exposed to salt water and other elements that may damage the clothing in the long run.

Other equipment needed for swimming is swim caps (usually provided by the organizers) and a well-fitted pair of goggles. Goggles help the triathletes to efficiently see underwater and avoid bumping into other swimmers.

In terms of purchasing your bikes, its best advised to buy a road bike for maximum versatility. On the other hand, mountain bikes are still useful or whatever is available in your garage that is still good condition. Modifications are essential for this triathlon gear if you want more speed. Say for example, you can add components like “aero” bars or bullhorn bars to make road bikes more efficient for the race. If you are aiming for a triathlon-specific bike, you need to have a sufficient budget. This kind of bike gives more aerodynamic advantage and exercises your hamstring efficiently, preparing your legs for the race. On the downside, many triathletes find it hard to control and they can be unconformable for long rides.

The next gear that you need to consider to look for is the perfect triathlon shoes. The perfect pair of shoes greatly depends on the shape of your foot and your running style. Triathlon shoes are characterized by pads that provide comfort, holes that allows water from the swim to drain easily and Velcro straps for easy on-easy off process.