Make Golf A Habit

Do you recall the learning process? Let’s see how this process applies to building an effective golf swing.

There are three fundamental stages inherent in mastering any skill. While the boundaries between the stages are often blurred, I think you’ll be able to relate.

For the novice driver, the first stage is developing a feel for the steering wheel, braking system, mirrors, etc. The process usually begins on a quiet street or parking lot, driving in slow motion. This is the mechanical or conscious stage, where the student tries to recall the exact position of the brake, steering wheel, signals, etc. At this stage, speed is irrelevant.

Have you ever been stuck behind a student driver?

Stage two in the learning process is gradually applying the new knowledge under real-life conditions; driving on a residential street with oncoming traffic, stop signs, pedestrians and traffic lights. The student gradually learns how … Read the rest

Tennis Rackets

While tennis racquets can be picked off the shelf in any sports equipment shop, professionals prefer to have their racquets customized during the manufacturing process itself, taking into account extra graphite reinforcement, weight, balance, handle shape, etc. This is often called ?tweaking? the racquets to help improve the play.

Even if a racquet appears to be a simple piece of sports equipment, there are many factors that go into the making of it. The tension in a racquet?s strings is an important element because any ?creep? in the strings can affect performance. Of equal significance is the balance of the racquet, which is the weight distribution that is measured from the butt end in inches or centimeters.

Generally, racquets are made ?head light? to allow for better maneuverability. However, today?s super light racquets are made ?head heavy? to supply enough mass to the area of the frame where the ball … Read the rest

Kid Wrestling Tournament

Now, I wouldn’t want to work for Steve Jobs or even spend time with him, but he did move a lot of product. So, I figure why make life complicated? Don’t spend your time making hot dogs, pizza, sloppy Joes, walking tacos, loaded baked potatoes and gyros just to have some of each left over. It’s too complicated.

Beverages – This used to the most profitable area. Back in the days of fountain soda, when the cup costed more than the liquid inside it. Many high school no longer have soda fountains and few youth programs are going to have access to them. Today it’s more common for people to donate cases of soda, water or sports drink and resell the individual containers for $1 to $2. I see events mark water and soda at $1 and sports drinks at $1.50. Great, now you have to make change and deal … Read the rest

Benefits of Playing Soccer

Soccer Encourages Social Interaction

One can’t play or even have soccer practice, or at least a fun one, being by one’s self. Sure, you can practice shooting, but without a goalie, the practice won’t be as beneficial. Soccer is a team sport and requires one to effectively listen, communicate with and obey one’s coach and teammates.

Soccer promotes social interaction, which is very important for young children. Verbal, comprehension and decision-making skills are improved while playing soccer which will help kids as they become adults.

Soccer Encourages Teamwork and a Group Attitude

As mentioned earlier, soccer is a team sport, meaning each player is important to the team’s success. Every player must work on the skills needed to be the best player they can be in order to help their team do well. Soccer teaches players discipline and commitment to the team. This ability to think about how one’s attitude … Read the rest

Importance of a Racket in a Badminton Set

Before I elaborate more on what makes a good racket, let me briefly tell you what a badminton set consist of. Besides the rackets, there will be shuttlecocks and a net. These are the basic requirements of the game. Other ‘add-on’ items to consider will be badminton shoes, clothes, headbands and wristbands. Now, I shall explain the main structure of a racket.

A badminton racket consists of 5 main sections. The first section is the head, followed by the string area, the throat, the shaft and finally the handle. Each section has its very own defined function. These functions will decide the character of the racket. There are two main types of shape of a racket. The first shape is oval which happens to be the original shape. This shape causes the racket to have a lower surface area of sweet spot. This enables the user to have more powerful … Read the rest

Inconsistencies of Pro Athletes

Being a professional athlete is or should be the highest level of athleticism possible, but that’s not the case, because pro-athletes are always rated on the “what have you done for me lately?” theory, per-say, or the last time they had a chance to do something, what did they do? So they are constantly being rated and everything that they do, fail or succeed, is accounted for. Which would explain why there are professional stars and professionals that are not “stars”. And of course, the stars are the more consistent athletes in their particular field and obviously, they take their jobs more serious than the average pro-athlete.

Though, I’ve played on many different non-professional teams of many different sports, I have never had the opportunity to play on a professional team, but there was always an implied expectation of everyone on the team, and if a player could not live … Read the rest

Improve Running With Metabolic Assessment

A Metabolic Assessment can give you information about your resting metabolism and how many calories you require each day. Weather that is to fuel up for your training or to lose a few unwanted pounds. It will tell you about your exercise metabolism, how efficient you are while running and at what heart rate zone you best perform in. It will tell you where your Anaerobic Threshold currently is so not to over train.

Many runners start a race at to quick a pace working anaerobicly, knowing your threshold and having a efficient aerobic base allows you to run at a sustainable pace and prevents fatigue in the latter stages of the race or training session.

If too much of your training is spent at or above your threshold you may find your fitness level plateau’s or may even decrease, the metabolic assessment will help you prevent the negative effects … Read the rest

Treat Elbow Tendonitis From Rock Climbing

Refrain from climbing, sport-specific exercise, and limit anything that causes pain.

Rest: No one wants to hear it, but rest is essential for reducing inflammation and allowing the injured area to heal. Continue to bend your arm to perform basic movements, but avoid activity that causes pain or aggravates the area.

Ice: At early onset of pain or swelling, icing periodically may help. However, after the initial period avoid icing if possible because some inflammation is natural and is a necessary part of the healing process. Over-icing may actually inhibit repair. For the same reason, try to avoid taking NSAIDs like Ibuprofen unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Some research indicates that NSAIDs may even weaken tendons and delay recovery.

Begin stretching, perform massage, and self-administering Active Release Techniques

Stretching: Once the pain has subsided and you are comfortable to stretch, there are several basic mobility exercises that you should … Read the rest

River Surfing Gear


No single board works well for all conditions. Instead, most surfers will develop a set of boards that work well in their area. Some start with traditional ocean boards, but it’s not an easy way to start. It’ll be easier to learn if you start with something with more volume and a larger planing area than most ocean shortboards, and less length than the long soft top boards that most ocean surfers start out on so you can fit onto the wave. Look for soft top boards with significant rocker.

Save fiberglass boards for when you have your feet under you a little better, and don’t drive your board into the rocks quite so often.


Helmets are nearly mandatory at just about every river wave. Look for something whitewater specific rather than a bike or climbing helmet.


Wearing a leash is th eeasiest way to get killed … Read the rest

Soccer Cleats


The soccer cleats were developed in the 19th century, which actually had studs on them. The first soccer cleats were worn by the king of England in the 16th century. The modern cleats have replaceable studs which makes them convenient to use. According to the rules that apply to the game internationally the players are not compelled to wear cleats. The players can choose to wear anything other than cleats on an artificial turf. The cleats are pretty important when they are to be worn on the grounds with natural grass.


There are different types of cleats you need to know about when you are going to play on different ground conditions. The firm ground cleats (FG) are used on the grounds with dry and natural grass surfaces. As nowadays artificial turfs are used so the companies are producing the cleats which are artificial grass friendly. The soft … Read the rest