Combat Boots

Combat boots are a fashion staple in modern culture as well as an important possession of anyone involved in any type of military. Since their creation, they have been adopted by numerous cultures and people of all ages.

Combat boots are sold for various prices all over the world, depending on the company and the style of boot (accessories and material), but they are generally affordable. The before-mentioned specifics (accessories and material) are usually the key in determining the type of boot you want for the price advertised.

For instance, boots without more of the special additions, like leather lining, water-resistance and better lacing systems can cost well under and up to $100, while certain styles of combat boots with these accessories can cost anywhere up to around $150.

The selection you make should be determined by, as well, under what conditions you plan to wear your boots. Obviously, if … Read the rest

Running With Knee Pain

PFPS or patellofemoral pain syndrome, can effect both knees, though more commonly it is more painful in one knee. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine PFPS hinders more young and active people, and twice as many women as men. This is most likely because women tend to have wider hips, resulting in a greater angling of the thighbone to the knee, which puts the knee cap under more stress. The symptoms of PFPS are caused by the irregular tracking of the patella (kneecap) in the femoral groove.

The most common complaint of those suffering with PFPS is tenderness behind and around the knee. Some also experience pain on the posterior side of the knee capsule as well. Instability and cracking could also be signs of PFPS. Although symptoms will be different in each case, running on hills and uneven surfaces often aggravates PFPS symptoms.

Determining a single … Read the rest

Sports Psychology

If you know how to get into the zone and stay there, you definitely will have the edge or advantage you need to win, beat your competition and perform to you fullest potential.

In short, the zone is a state of relaxed concentration where there is no self-criticism. You are confident, relaxed, focused and living in the present. Furthermore, there is a sense of enjoyment, your actions seem automatic and easy and there is an increased belief that your dreams can become realities.

It is interesting to note that the zone parallels and matches a hypnotic state of mind.

Thirty One Tools You Need To Use Effectively To Stay In The Zone

The author has worked with thousands of world class athletes, young athletes and weekend warriors. He has evaluated and helped Olympic champions.

Below you will find a simple questionnaire and rating system that can athletes, coaches and parents … Read the rest

Knee Pain

The back of the kneecap is shaped like a triangle with the point fitting in a grove in the lower part of the bone behind it. During running, the knee cap is supposed to move up and down and not side to side. If it moves from side to side, the back of the kneecap will rub against the front bottom of the femur, the long bone of the upper leg, causing pain.

Treatment is to stop the kneecap from touching the bone behind it, which is usually caused by the knee cap being pulled toward the outside laterally while the lower leg twists the bone behind it inward medially. When you run, you land on the lateral bottom of your foot and roll inward, causing the lower leg to twist inward. At the same time, three of the four quad muscles attached to the kneecap pull the kneecap outward … Read the rest