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Open Water Swimming

First of all, breathing on both sides, or bilateral breathing, is a must. (I can hear the groans!!!) Let’s see if you are physically capable. Stand up and twist the

Swim Freestyle Fast

If you are going to compete against the world’s best, then being tall is a great advantage. The reason for this is because the taller you are the longer you

Finding Swimwear For Body Type

If your hips and breasts have close or nearly equal measurements and your waist is small and defined, you have the hourglass body type, which is the same as Scarlett

Swim A Breaststroke Race To Victory

Swimming fast is as much about reducing resistance as it is about producing force. As soon as the body moves out of a streamlined position, the water slows the body

Hand Paddles Explained

Water Gear AquaFlex Paddles have adjustable fan blades on each side which allow the user to vary resistance level in the water. Their innovative design functions to increase resistance in the

Open Water Swim Race

Preparations Arrive to the race start with plenty of time. You want to avoid rushing when putting on your wetsuit. To prevent tears, use BodyGlide, go slowly and pinch the

Swim The Butterfly Stroke

Arms Under and Over The arms work together at the same time. Both arms come out of the water over the head and around in a circle – vertical to

Fitting Swim Gear

Goggles While most goggle models don’t come in various sizes, there are various models that are designed for certain swimmers. Aqua Sphere has various Lady goggles available for female swimmers.

Breast Stroke Drills

Straight Arm Dolphin What it helps: Feel for exact arm movements This drill incorporates the dolphin kick in order to give your arms, hands and fingers a better feel for

Swim Fins

Long Length Fins When most people think of fins, something like a long length fin is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Used primarily for diving and recreational