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Proper Running Shoes

Protection A well made pair of shoes includes extra protection to avoid issues of discomfort or pain while the feet are under more stress. A midsole section helps to give

Staying Motivated To Run

Understand Why You Like Running After you get back from a particularly successful run, get a piece of paper and write down exactly why you love running. Keep this list

Kettlebell Training For Triathletes

Triathletes are a special population due to the fact they are training for three events simultaneously, i.e. swimming, biking, and running. Efficiency is of the utmost importance, especially for Ironman

Proper Nutrition For A Triathlon

In addition to training your body for the swimming, biking, and running events, you should ensure you are providing it with the correct nutrition for a triathlon. There are a

Conquering Your First Triathlon

Swimming If the distance is 500 meters to 2.4 miles, consider training for one to two times every week in order to maintain your current fitness level, and two to

Making Time for Triathlon Training

Schedule your workouts like an appointment For many business professionals, the idea of training for a triathlon seems almost impossible when they look at their already busy schedule. The only

Staying Well During Triathlon Training

I got plenty of sleep – One of the main areas that can lead to illness is when the body is overly fatigued and when you don’t get enough sleep.

Build Triathloning Success

Train to a specific set of personalized triathlon workouts for your best ROI of time to performance results. Continuing to do the same activities will yield the same results. Make

Triathlete With 7 Habits

Be Proactive Do before being directed. Assume nothing but responsibility. Make choices instead of wishes. Learn to be a triathlete. Begin with the End in Mind Destination unknown is not

Nutrition for Female Triathletes

In fact a good diet makes a huge difference! It will decrease overall stress levels, help maintain or achieve optimum racing weight and give us more energy to train before