Choose The Crossbow Case

Soft cases versus hard cases

Crossbow cases come in different varieties but most prefer soft cases. They’re versatile and most are considered universal, not made for a specific crossbow or brand. Soft cases are stretchable enough to accommodate other accessories and most even have multiple pockets to carry broadheads and cocking devices. And they are usually padded and made from light-weight materials. The padding helps to protect your bow from damage but since they are flexible, it cannot prevent your bow from bending or breaking. Thus, soft cases are best for archers who use their bows often, because they are quite light, and you can hand-carry your bow anywhere with you.

Hard cases, on the other hand, can offer maximum protection for your beloved bow. Like soft cases, the insides are also padded with foam or felt-like materials, so scratching is also virtually impossible. However, hard cases have hard outer shells which give you more protection. These cases won’t easily bend, and dropping the crossbow will not be a problem since the case will absorb the impact. Storing your bow in a hard case will make sure that your crossbow is safe from virtually anything. So, it is perfect for storing or long distance travelling.

How to Choose the Perfect Crossbow Case

Choosing the right case is pretty easy. In fact, the only technical consideration, if it ever does become an issue, is the make and brand of your bow. Everything else is your personal preference. Also, there are many types of materials to choose from. If you want to get a soft case, make sure you get something made of plastic as they are weather proof and won’t easily tear if it gets caught on a tree or any sharp object. In getting a hard case, an aluminum shell is best since it is the lightest. Also, make sure to get a case with thicker padding. Ensuring the best fit for your crossbow will prevent it from moving inside the case because the impact between your crossbow and the case itself can also damage it.