Conquering Your First Triathlon


If the distance is 500 meters to 2.4 miles, consider training for one to two times every week in order to maintain your current fitness level, and two to five times every week for improvement. Some of the biggest challenges you may encounter will include transitioning from training in a pool to swimming in open water, paddling against waves, and swimming one continuous distance.

You have to locate a good position on the starting line. You have to expect to be hit as well as climbed over during the swim since this is a normal part of the race. Experts say that you have to ensure that you take your time in putting on your wetsuit. Also, you must pull the excess rubber up in order to loosen the material around your shoulders as this will provide you with a much bigger range of motion.


When the distance is around 12 to 112 miles, you must train once a week for maintenance and 2-3 times a week for improvement. Among the challenges you might encounter include cycling after swimming, learning to mount and dismount at high speeds, and carrying the bike in and out of the transition zones.

You have to make sure that you are aware of the exact location of your bike and how you will get to it after the swim. Consider putting a towel or perhaps a balloon up next so it will become visible and save you a significant amount of time. Have your bike in an easy gear. All your blood is in your arms; thus, you will feel strong. However, you must remember that you do not have similar amount of power in your legs after the swim. As the ride progresses, you must build intensity.


The distance usually is 5K to 26.2 miles. Train once a week for your fitness maintenance and 2-3 times a week for improvement. Some of the biggest challenges involved with running include maintaining levels and endurance, and running when tired.

The most important thing when it comes to running your best triathlon is to finish faster than you started. Indeed, nothing feels better than overtaking people toward the end.