Consistent Crossbow Shooting

To begin with, set up a bag target in a safe place. Using 100-grain field tips, practice shooting your crossbow at the target. If its the same arrow that is shooting inconsistently most of the time, then most probably the problem lies with the arrow and not the bow itself. Replace the arrow and try again.

Before hunting season, use fixed-blade broadheads instead of field tips since you are going to use them in the hunting season. Re-adjust your sight and then try shooting at a broadhead target. Keep practicing, shooting and adjusting until you hit the bull’s eye. Repeat this step and try it out with all the arrows you plan to use, because you may find a few arrows that just would not go straight. Do remember to sharpen them after all the hours of practice. Do the same thing if you are using expandable broadheads.

When hunting, do not use new arrows you have not tested. Assuming that a new arrow will fly well will not only cause a miss, but scare away your target(s) as well. Always test them if you don’t want to have surprises.

Follow these steps religiously and you will find your crossbow shooting to be more consistent. When you make a bad shot, you know the problem will not lie in the arrow if you have already tested them.