Finding Swimwear For Body Type

If your hips and breasts have close or nearly equal measurements and your waist is small and defined, you have the hourglass body type, which is the same as Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba. Basically you can wear anything, from a bikini to a monokini, since your body is proportionate. If you are a bit voluptuous and are conscious about your upper body, you could get halter bikinis that are banded around the midriff, so you get the right amount of coverage and support. If you are wearing a one-piece suit, see to it that the straps are thick and the bust area has foam cups or under wirings. If you are a skinny hourglass babe, go for string bikinis with triangle tops or bandeaus. Avoid color blocking though in your ensemble, as this may contradict the proportionality of your body.

Now, if you have a triangular shaped body – meaning, you have a short torso, wide hips and possibly long or chubby legs, it is advised that you make use of a tankini or a bikini top and boy shorts as swimwear. If you do not like the length, you could wear regular sized bottoms instead. Stay away from skimpy pairs as it will make you look fat. Maximize on color and pattern to get people’s attention off your figure. You could also invest in a maillot with wide straps and a horizontal neckline, since it would balance out your silhouette. If you are interested in looking a tad bit more girly, you could go for dress swimsuits or a skirt bottom to hide your heavy lower region.

If you are top heavy (an inverted triangle body shape) like Jessica Simpson, stay away from strapless ensembles, since it will make your breasts look saggy. Go for swimwear with an underwire and thick straps that would give you the stability your body needs. Instead of going for patterns and colors on both the top and bottom, you will only observe this on your underwear, and you will have to wear dark hued tops. You can wear string bottoms if you want to, since it would seamlessly balance your appearance.