First Sprint Triathlon

Sprint triathlon is one of the sports that are rising in popularity today. It is gaining popularity because it caters to beginners of its mother sport the triathlon. It consists of three disciplines: swimming, biking, and running. It is just like the triathlon but it is much shorter in distance. Awareness in health also helps boost the popularity of the sport where young people are interested to join.

Dynamic training is required for a sprint triathlon because it demands a physical tone up especially to those that are not engaged in any sport and less experience individual. One must have a good cardiovascular workout and an athlete must have fit muscles for it involves multiple disciplinary activities and each discipline need different muscles. Therefore enhancing muscle strength is very important to help an athlete endure in this sport.

All the participants wear wet suits because swimming in open water is the first part of the race. When completed, athletes will head to the transition area then the cycling race follows the identified course that usually leads to where the race began. The final competition is the running stage where participants are required to pass along the marked course that ends at the finish line.

The sum of training needed is truly different for every person and the amount of time it will acquire all relies on where you are in life.After several months of training, I evaluate myself and concluded that I am now fit and prepared. Therefore, I decided to join the competition and arrived early to register and get the individual race number.