Fitting Swim Gear


While most goggle models don’t come in various sizes, there are various models that are designed for certain swimmers. Aqua Sphere has various Lady goggles available for female swimmers. This line is specifically geared towards women that have smaller face frames. Unlike larger goggles, these form-fitting frames won’t let in water from the sides. If you’re a fitness or competitive swimmer, try the form-fitting, ultra clear Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady Goggle.

Both men and women will enjoy goggles that use a unique technology called ‘positive pressure system’. Found in many Barracuda goggles, this system allows the goggle’s frame to stay firmly in place without the feel of uncomfortable suction. The lenses are able to seal themselves into the eye socket for a comfortable, leak free fit. The Barracuda Standard Optical Grade Goggles produce a great seal and fit for any type of swimmer.


To avoid painful, irritating blisters, all training gear must be properly sized. And this is especially true for swim fins. Finding a fin that fits your foot to a T isn’t the easiest task. Instead of hoping that any sized fin will do, invest in a pair of fins with adjustable or flexible heel straps. While you still might have to pick a small, medium, or large size, you can make sure that you always get a great, customized fit every time you fit and adjust the pair. These kinds of fins are especially great for junior swimmers with growing feet. The Finis Positive Drive Fins are not only great because they come with a flexible heel strap, but also because they are able to work with all four major strokes. Not too many fins can claim that!

Swim Caps

Most swim caps come in one-size-fits-all option. While this might throw some people off, many caps are made from quality, stretchable material that really can adapt to most head sizes. For a customized feeling fit, look for a swim cap made from silicone. This material is ultra flexible and has good shape memory. This means that the cap will stretch and form to the head, but always return to its normal size when not worn. If you’re in the market, you might want to try a 1Line Silicone cap. They are ultra durable, extremely affordable, and feature fun and bright prints. If you really don’t think that a one-size-fits-all cap will work, then there are still some options available. The Water Gear Crepe Bubble Cap is made from soft, pliable material covered in small bubbles. These help form to the head and keep water out. The cap is available in three various sizes and, paired with the chinstrap, is sure to stay put while you swim.