Improve Running With Metabolic Assessment

A Metabolic Assessment can give you information about your resting metabolism and how many calories you require each day. Weather that is to fuel up for your training or to lose a few unwanted pounds. It will tell you about your exercise metabolism, how efficient you are while running and at what heart rate zone you best perform in. It will tell you where your Anaerobic Threshold currently is so not to over train.

Many runners start a race at to quick a pace working anaerobicly, knowing your threshold and having a efficient aerobic base allows you to run at a sustainable pace and prevents fatigue in the latter stages of the race or training session.

If too much of your training is spent at or above your threshold you may find your fitness level plateau’s or may even decrease, the metabolic assessment will help you prevent the negative effects of over training.

You will know your heart rates for your base training sessions, the intensities you need to train at for your speed work, interval sessions, and where to train on your recovery days.
The assessment will tell you the heart rate where you reach your anaerobic threshold. It will tell you all about your Aerobic base, how wide your base is and how aerobically efficient you are. The exact amount of calories you need to consume to fuel up for your training and event.
With this valuable information and correct training regime your body will make adaptations which will improve your aerobic capacity and efficiency, help move your anaerobic threshold higher, train your body to burn fat as a preferred fuel.
As your heart rate training zones move higher you will notice how your times improve, how much stronger you feel, how training becomes less stressful & challenging, how your body composition improves.