Medley Workouts

The Strokes

The butterfly can be a challenge for both beginners and advanced swimmers alike. With practice, the butterfly still might not be your favorite sport, but it can be manageable and a great way to start your IM training. If the stroke’s motions get water into your nose, pair your training with the Finis Nose Clip that features an anatomic design to help keep water out.

The backstroke is often a welcomed recovery stroke, especially after the rigorous butterfly. Really stretch your arms up and out and feel your chest and lat muscles work while swimming this stroke. Focus on getting a good push-off and start from the butterfly into the backstroke to make the most of its time during the IM.

The breast strokes rhythmic timing can also make it a more difficult stroke to master. If your kick is weaker here, try pairing your IM training with the Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins. Their uniquely contoured shape makes them one of the few fins available that works with, and not against, the breaststroke.

Last, but certainly not least, is the freestyle. The front crawl is often the first stroke beginner swimmers learn and the go-to for cross training athletes in the pool. To really up your final 25, 50 or even 100 meters, make the most out of your freestyle by maintaining proper body alignment. And be sure that you’re path to the finish line is always clear by sporting a pair of Barracuda Ultimate Goggles. These goggles feature positive pressure seal technology to always provide a watertight fit without discomfort.

The Set

Warm up with a swim and drill combination and then start off by swimming a 4 x 25, in the order of the IM (remember: fly, back, breast, free). If you are a beginner, feel free to stop between the first 25 sets until you get comfortable with the IM’s flow. Then, challenge yourself to one easy-paced 100 IM. And be proud of yourself for accomplishing one without stopping! But, we’re just getting started and your body’s now ready for the next challenge.

Next, try a 5×100 set. Don’t worry, only the first and last have to be IM and the middle can be the stroke of your choice. Again, if you’re newer to the IM, make sure to rest between sets, drink fluids, and catch your breath. Then, try to pyramid down. Perform a 4×100, again with the first and last sets as IM. Then try 3×100, with only the middle as the stroke of your choice. And then challenge yourself to a back to back 2×100 IM. To complete the upside down pyramid, finish off the set with a 1×100 IM at your strongest effort possible.