Origin of Pocket Bikes

The concept of pocket bikes also known as mini bikes, mini motos, or mini motorcycles) began years ago in Japan, a country known for miniaturizing full-scale products. As crude mockups

Proper Nutrition For A Triathlon

In addition to training your body for the swimming, biking, and running events, you should ensure you are providing it with the correct nutrition for a triathlon. There are a

Australian Spring Racing

There are several Group weight-for-age races such as the Turnbull Stakes, Caulfield Stakes, Cox Plate, and McKinnon Stakes. The Cox Plate at Moonee Valley is the most important of all

Treat Tennis Elbow

Rest Resting your injury is essential for your tennis elbow before you attempt to fix it with physical therapy. Ice Doctors always recommend that you keep ice on any serious

Mountain Bike Guide

Anywhere you can find space, whether it be your garden, a park or if there is one nearby maybe even a hill to make it slightly more realistic for yourself

Good Coach

The first and most important characteristic is being committed. A coach must show that he or she is willing to do just about anything for their players. As a player,

Open Water Swimming

First of all, breathing on both sides, or bilateral breathing, is a must. (I can hear the groans!!!) Let’s see if you are physically capable. Stand up and twist the

Select Bowsights

To most archers, having a bowsight is crucial to helping them perfect their shot. The bowsight, together with the archer’s skills determine whether the next shot is a hit or

Maintaining Bicycle Parts

The tires take the greatest weight and force, and have to be inflated as per the manufacturer’s terms. Besides air pressure, tires need to be watched for any obvious ripping

Conquering Your First Triathlon

Swimming If the distance is 500 meters to 2.4 miles, consider training for one to two times every week in order to maintain your current fitness level, and two to