KiteSurfing is by far the latest craze in extreme sports.  The idea of using a kite to enhance speed and gravity for the surfer seems like a new and exhilarating

Features of Triathlon Bike

This is a very important question to ask since the two might appear the same. But deeper evaluation would reveal that there is something special about this bike that could

Indoor Wall Climbing

Like all full-body exercises, indoor climbing makes use of the entire body. Strong upper and lower extremities are a great plus, but you can always start your wall climbing journey

Mental Skills For Triathlon

Ask your self useful questions. This is a way to direct your focus in a useful way. Asking your self, “why am I slow on the bike” is a dis-empowering

Combat Boots

Combat boots are a fashion staple in modern culture as well as an important possession of anyone involved in any type of military. Since their creation, they have been adopted

Running With Knee Pain

PFPS or patellofemoral pain syndrome, can effect both knees, though more commonly it is more painful in one knee. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine PFPS hinders more young

Stretching in Triathlon Training

When should you stretch? The answer to this question is you need to stretch when warm and stretch before you end your workout. You do not need to stretch when

Sports Psychology

If you know how to get into the zone and stay there, you definitely will have the edge or advantage you need to win, beat your competition and perform to

Knee Pain

The back of the kneecap is shaped like a triangle with the point fitting in a grove in the lower part of the bone behind it. During running, the knee