Plan Winter Triathlon Training

Low profile Training

In the winters your body is going to be losing a lot of heat and in order to maintain your body temperature your body would be using a lot of energy – hence, you would naturally feel exerted. Therefore, when exercising during this season you should make sure that you don’t exercise too much. If possible try to keep a tab on your heart beat using a monitor.

Become a perfectionist

This isn’t exactly the best time to try and improve on a new skill or technique. Instead you should try and improve on the skills that you’ve already spent the entire summer training on. No one’s telling you not to try something new – go ahead! But, focus on what you already know.


All Triathlon events feature running as an event and hence you should train yourself during the winter. This would surely build up your stamina and hence when the time actually comes you wouldn’t be exhausted after the run.

This would help you save on energy for the other events in the race. In order to build up your stamina either run or jog long distances each day. But, again don’t over exert yourself.


Probably this is an event as well and you’re going to need to get your act together and be able to run after a long cycling journey or vice versa. Winter is the best time to train as the icy roads would make it harder to control the bike.

Hire a coach

If you’re really interested in becoming a pro, you should consider hiring a coach to help you out. There are plenty of coaching services that would be able to help you out.