Safe outdoor activities during the covid-19 pandemic for both parents and kids

Outdoor activities that can be carried out near the home and that allow maintaining a distance of about 2 meters between us and other people have a lower risk of spreading the new coronavirus than indoor activities.

Apart from the premature closure of schools, the restrictions imposed by the authorities to control the diseases with the new coronavirus have also led to the postponement of festivals, concerts, or summer camps. Leisure plans have also been canceled or rescheduled. Despite the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still many options for fun activities that we can put into practice.

On Norskeanmeldelser both younger and older people looked for various activities they can do during the covid-19 pandemic. We all know that safety is paramount, but outdoor activities should not be forgotten either.

Bike ride

Every child either has or wants a bicycle. Going outdoors with your child, you may even be able to take a trip nearby. A scenic walk is a great way to recharge your batteries and explore nature. It is also the perfect opportunity to teach your child about plants and flowers. Choose an easy route. It is very good to document the recommended routes and to choose appropriate clothing and footwear, which you can find on House of Hygge.


Ball games

The ball is an anti-boredom accessory when you spend time outside. You can play football, volleyball or other interesting games. Many ball games promote the healthy development of children. As your child learns how to maintain control over the ball, manipulate, throw, or hit a ball, he practices motor coordination skills. And as he develops strategies about where he should throw the ball or if it’s time to run to the next base, he develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Go on a picnic

Have a few sandwiches and head to the park. It’s time for an adventure! Among their favorite snacks, children can play badminton or grass football, and you will spend a beautiful afternoon in the sun. Choose a green, quiet place and invite your child to give a helping hand related to the organization.

  • choose the blanket and the pillows together,
  • prepare a bouquet of wildflowers together,
  • discuss the menu, prepare sandwiches and fruits,
  • don’t forget the sweets,
  • prepare lemonade or tea,
  • make a list of what activities you want to have there (for example: playing football, volleyball, cards, etc.).

Hiking in the mountains

If you have a few free hours, then a relaxing family activity would be a hike. There are lots of easy mountain trails that you can take together, children and adults, and the little ones will be extremely excited to discover nature. Moreover, it is a group activity that helps to develop the creativity of the little ones and increases their attention in the long run.


Outdoor play has a crucial role in the harmonious and healthy development of the child. In an age where television and computers are increasingly dominating the child’s life and drawing him into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle, outdoor activities are a glimmer of hope that is worth resorting to growing a towering and healthy child, both physically and mentally! Playing outdoors develops a lot of new skills for the child, completely different from those he acquires from playing indoors!