Select Bowsights

To most archers, having a bowsight is crucial to helping them perfect their shot. The bowsight, together with the archer’s skills determine whether the next shot is a hit or a miss. What the bowsight can give is the added accuracy. However, it is not as simple as merely “having” one.

Choosing and using the right bow sights is essential to performing to the standard you want to. There are a variety of designs and thus effectiveness for bowsights. Gradually, through practice and practice, the archer will grow accustomed to the use of the bowsight

Fixed pin sights are the most prevalent. Sights are fastened to the bow either by attaching directly to the bow riser or by a dovetail system. It is a a two part mounting where a metal bracket is affixed to the riser and a sight bracket holding the sight body can be quickly mounted by sliding the equipment into or out of the main bracket. Normally, they are made of polymer, aluminum, and other durable materials.

The adjustable pin sights are movable and must be adjusted to the correct yardage before taking the shot. The yardage is marked on the mounting bracket of the bow sights so that the archer doesn’t need to gauge distances. The adjustable pin sights are preferred by many hunters since they don’t require estimating distances

Pendulum type bow sights have a single pin sight that swings inside the housing of the pin. They are typically sighted in from a ground location at twenty yards distance. By using a pendulum sights, the hunter needs to focus on the target rather than on the sight adjustments. Difficulties arise when shooting from above ground positions or further distances, since the accuracy will deteriorates.