Shooting a Bow in the Wind

There are many ways to have a good bow shot in the wind. Some people use wind gauge to determine the wind speed and direction. By knowing the speed and direction of the wind, a person can easily adjust for the drift. Another way of improving a person’s accuracy in shooting in the wind is by reducing the wind drag. To minimize the wind drag, a person must reduce the surface area of his/her bow by using a stabilizer. Using a heavy bow is also recommended during strong wind conditions since it allows a person to have more stable aiming in the wind. Also, he/she should tune his/her bow in order to have an accurate shot.

It is difficult to relax when there is a windy condition. However, to have a cleaner shot, a person must relax the bow arm since it is considered to be the most affected part of the stance. For a right-handed shooter, he/she should also relax his/her bow hand and the whole part of his/her left side and let the right side of the body do the shot. Fighting the wind is not a good idea since it just adds tension that would only result to bad shots.

Right timing is also an important thing to consider in shooting in the wind. A person must not rush the shot or hold it too long. When the shot was rush, it may lead to a bad shot since the person might not be able to focus on the aim while a shot that was held too long may also result to a bad shot since there may be an effect in the stance.

Shooting in the wind is hard. It requires a lot of time to have good results. However, with strong determination, willingness to learn, proper mindset, along with a regular practice, anyone could easily beat the effect of the wind and make more accurate shots than he/she could ever imagine.