Skills for Archery

The first I would like to mention is persistence in practice. You can only become a good archer by practicing a lot.

The second skill is form. When you practice you must practice with proper form. The first time you pick up a bow to shoot you need to be aware of proper form so you don’t pick up bad habits. When you practice over and over with bad habits, other parts of your form become bad to compensate for what you are already doing wrong. This is the same in any sport. I also play tennis. I wish I would’ve begun tennis as a kid with professional lessons. As it was I learned as an adult by just going out and playing. I have had lessons along the way but they serve mostly to teach me correct strokes and help me relearn muscle memory or teach my muscles over and over to stroke correctly. It is a drag. If you haven’t begun archery yet, start correctly so you don’t have to re-teach your body how to do it. Learn proper form and understand why it is important.

The third quality is developing the muscles you use when you shoot. When you practice with good form you will automatically be developing the correct muscles you need to shoot. These muscles are in your back, the ones you use for rock climbing and rowing.

The third skill is consistency. Consistency will only come with practice.

Besides form the number one archery skill to have, and number four on my list, is being able to relax under stress. When you shoot with tight muscles the bow will torque on release and cause you to miss. The bow is an almost perfect piece of equipment. The only way it can do the job it was developed to do is if you get out of the way and let it do it’s thing. The only way that can happen with you shooting it is by relaxing and taking yourself out of the mix.

After relaxing, comes number five skill, patience. Never be in a hurry. Always take the time to use proper form, draw, take a breath, breathe out slowly as you relax and then release. “Sigh”, that was easy.