Strategies Zone Defense

When studying the true strategies of one of the fastest paced sports we see how humans put to use zone defense strategies. But before we start our discussion on the game of basketball with the most agile of the species, let us take a look at how zone defense works in other arenas not necessarily similar to sports.

In Iraq the US and Coalition forces have broken up the area into regions to hunt down the Insurgency and International Terrorist Groups. In business zone defense is used to market a product or service to target markets with in zones as well. In fact most distribution works in commercial enterprises works in this same fashion also. You must cover the territories better than the competition.

Perhaps you have been involved in politics as a volunteer or you have wondered how people get elected? Sure they run lots of ads on the TV and radio in specific markets, but they also get out the vote by walking precincts to peoples’ homes. All this is zone defense or zone offense depending on if your opponent is doing the same thing. Even the US Post Office or FEMA uses zone strategies to accomplish their tasks and missions.

Now then back to basketball; if you really want to understand the game, you need to be thinking on exactly what zone defense is all about and then watch it unfold at 5-times the speed as any of these others types of zone strategies and then you will have a better understanding and appreciation of the sport.