Swimming Techniques Improve Triathlon

In order to improve their swimming times, athletes competing in a Triathlon should focus on their vessel shaping. Usually a triathlete will focus on increasing their propulsion through the water, giving their body alignment little or no thought.

Studies show that proper technique can increase swim time up to 50% faster. Bill Boomer, swim coach for University of Rochester in New York, believes that vessel shaping, a term he coined, has more impact on a swimmer’s time than hand movement.

To reduce drag, swimmers must be consciously aware of what their body is doing when they’re in the water. Reduce and then eliminate any actions that aren’t required to propel you forward. Baselining your swim technique is impossible to do yourself. You must either have a friend watch you swim or tape you while you swim so that you can see what you’re doing when you swim as well.

Swimmers must work on their body alignment in order to improve swim times

To improve your swim efficiency, imagine a straight line going from your starting point to your finish point. Keep your entire body parallel to this straight line at all times. Think about melding with the water, not fighting against it.

Working on your vessel shaping will help as you complete your swim training. Finally, properly fitting swim suits, goggles, and cap will also reduce a triathlete’s drag, thereby improving his or her efficiency.