Maintaining Bicycle Parts

The tires take the greatest weight and force, and have to be inflated as per the manufacturer’s terms. Besides air pressure, tires need to be watched for any obvious ripping or wear and tear. The wheels too need usual fine-tuning and correction, and should be checked for dents and twists that may occur by way of impact with firm objects or when the bicycle falls. The optimum method to inspect a wheel is to rotate it fast and look at it for unusual movement. The wheel should rotate without movement from side to side. If it does, make sure to adjust it. The spokes also must be firm and fixed tightly to the rims. The spokes convey weight and, when damaged, must be replaced right away.

Next to the handlebars and brakes, the tires are the most critical for safety and a good ride.

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Bicycle Rules

  • It Happens Every Day
    Bicycle accidents happen every day. Bikes are subject to many of the same laws as vehicles, and have the added caveat that they must be careful to avoid being struck. Vehicles moving at a high speed have a hard time seeing bikes, simply because of the speed difference in the driver’s eyes. Especially dangerous points include intersection, as in the story above, and even simply driving in the bike lane. Some believe there is nothing you can do, that accidents will happen. Not so!
  • Be Safe, Be Aware, Be Cautious
    Safety starts when you leave the house. Any serious biker should wear a helmet, and if possible additional safety equipment. Bikes should be outfitted with reflectors, and should be checked daily to ensure that they are in proper mechanical working condition. Ensure that your clothing won’t snag, your helmet won’t fall over your eyes, and wear
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