Minibikes and Pocketbikes

As minibikes progressed, they soon came available with engines, brakes, suspension and headlights. They became more popular for off-roading than to race. Minibikes managed well in rough terrain and were not damaged with a fall.

Because of the small size of the bikes and the young age of the drivers, minibikes were outlawed on main roads. Children began seriously injuring themselves by driving on streets where cars could not see them. By 1973, with the law was much stricter with minibikes and with the first generation of enthusiasts graduating to real motorcycles, minibikes purchases slowly started to fade.

Now however, there is a whole new generation that has discovered the fun-factor of the mini bike or pocket bike. The latest trend is to get a minibike and then totally customize it into a super pocket bike. All kinds of accessories are available to facilitate this. Think custom saddles, headlights, chrome … Read the rest

Origin of Pocket Bikes

The concept of pocket bikes also known as mini bikes, mini motos, or mini motorcycles) began years ago in Japan, a country known for miniaturizing full-scale products. As crude mockups of the first pocket bikes were developed and ridden, a brand new trend and following developed. As the sport spread into Europe, Italian manufacturer Polini began research and development into producing high quality racing Minimoto bikes. Throughout the years, the combination of Japanese innovation and Italian craftsmanship has produced ultra high performance pocket bikes.

Some of today’s top motorcycle racers got their start in the sport of pocket bike racing. Champion riders started in this smaller scale sport and eventually dominated all pocket bike racing events throughout the world.

Until recently, quality pocket bikes were largely out of reach and unavailable to the casual rider. Prices of pocket bikes reached upwards of $4000. These astronomical costs were mainly due to … Read the rest

Mountain Bike Guide

Anywhere you can find space, whether it be your garden, a park or if there is one nearby maybe even a hill to make it slightly more realistic for yourself for when it comes down to mountain biking.

So what skills will you have to learn and master to make sure you are ready for mountain biking?

Understanding the pedals

You may find that your mountain bike pedals are different to what you have on your bike. Some of you may have clipping pedals to make sure your foot doesn’t slip off when you’re travelling at high speeds up and down hills. You’re going to want to make sure that you get a feel for the pedals if this is a change. Practice taking your feet in and out and pedalling as this is going to help you learn understand them.

Coasting stance

With normal biking when you coast you … Read the rest

Features of Triathlon Bike

This is a very important question to ask since the two might appear the same. But deeper evaluation would reveal that there is something special about this bike that could not be seen on a regular road bike.

But before enumerating these, you must remember that using such dedicated bike is not limited to triathlon events. Even on solo ride, it will ride just as great.

This bike provides an easy transition from swim to bike and from bike to run. And this is perhaps the most special thing about triathlon bike. Remember that transition from discipline to another is still part of the race and therefore must be done smoothly. Since bike comes after the swim and before the run, the bike used should be designed in a way that the triathlete can easily mount and dismount.

Among all 3 events, the longest part of the race is bike … Read the rest