Mental Side of Triathlon

I have raced in a dozen races, so far in my triathlon career. In each race there are always little issues that arise such as bike problems, nutrition problems, or preparation problems. The biggest hurdle however in each race is being mentally prepared to push myself beyond my known limits. This is challenge in all sports, but in triathlon it comes into play quite frequently. The mental games you play out on the course are both frightening and glorious. My mind gets in arguments with itself over how hard to push myself in each discipline to be able to save enough for the run. This is an area that I must improve in so as to be better in each race.

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Mental Skills For Triathlon

  • Ask your self useful questions. This is a way to direct your focus in a useful way. Asking your self, “why am I slow on the bike” is a dis-empowering strategy as your mind will then start to come up with excuses supporting why your a slow on the bike.
    Switch your focus ask your self, “how can I get faster on the bike.” From this question you will begin to think proactive and develop empowering ideas to back what you desire.
  • Focus on what you can control. Focusing on the weather and the race course conditions are two elements that are out of your control. Focus on what you can control. You can control your nutrition, technique and training for example.
    Striving to do your best in the elements you control will enable you to perform better. Focusing on the outside elements like weather puts focus away from you
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