How to Improve Serve

  1. Strengthen your core muscles (and not just your six pack muscles, but all of the muscles that make up the core.)
  2. Strengthen your shoulder muscles and this includes the rotator cuff muscles as well.
  3. Strengthen your posterior chair, Ie: your glutes hamstrings and lower back.

Lets start with number one.

Your core muscles are involved in just about everything you do, so by strengthening these muscles you’ll be improving your whole game.

Most people only focus on the six-pack muscles however this is a mistake as the core is made up of rectus abdominis, external oblique, transversus abdominis, and the internal oblique.

In this article how to improve your serve in three easy steps I’m going to talk about the transverses abdominis because most people do not have sufficient strength in this area.

The transverses abdominis is responsible for helping to support the spine and fortunately is very easy to … Read the rest