Shooting a Bow in the Wind

There are many ways to have a good bow shot in the wind. Some people use wind gauge to determine the wind speed and direction. By knowing the speed and direction of the wind, a person can easily adjust for the drift. Another way of improving a person’s accuracy in shooting in the wind is by reducing the wind drag. To minimize the wind drag, a person must reduce the surface area of his/her bow by using a stabilizer. Using a heavy bow is also recommended during strong wind conditions since it allows a person to have more stable aiming in the wind. Also, he/she should tune his/her bow in order to have an accurate shot.

It is difficult to relax when there is a windy condition. However, to have a cleaner shot, a person must relax the bow arm since it is considered to be the most affected part … Read the rest

Improve Shot Accuracy

Practicing with five-spot targets: As mentioned earlier, practice makes make perfect and to shine in this sport consistent practice is highly essential. For practicing purpose, the player can purchase the archery equipment of five-spot archery target and these are nothing, but sheets with five blue circles and an X mark in the centre. Since NFAA is using this type of target for tournaments, practicing with it would be wise. To become a good archery professional requires a lot of skill since the bow and the arrow should be lined up properly apart from pulling back on the bow to the exact distance. As compared to guns and bullets, it is difficult to use bow and arrow since the sport is based on adjustment of distance, which is not required in the gun since it already has power. Above all, shooting with a gun is easier as compared to a bow … Read the rest

Bad Habits That Will Ruin Shot

Not Settling In – Not Settling In is referring to the aiming process before you release your arrow. By not settling into your shot, you are releasing the arrow before your bow arm has the opportunity to stabilize on your target. This means that your bow arm is still in motion when the arrow is release. Once again, this can be caused by fatigue, being over-bowed, or anticipating your release.

Identification: By not settling into your shot, your arrow grouping will be sporadic and very hard to identify by arrow grouping alone. Pay attention to your aiming process. If you are releasing your arrow too quickly, you may not be settling in.

The Fix: Aiming Drills, Aiming Drills, and Oh, I forgot… Aiming Drills. Aiming Drills are an excellent way to build endurance, strength, and focus.

Collapsing – Here again is a bad habit that can form due to fatigue … Read the rest

Improving Shot Accuracy

Well that’s great that the equipment is good and promotes accuracy but what good is accurate equipment, if your inaccuracy is due to your inconsistent form. In this article I am going to give you 3 pointers that will help you to improve your form and therefore improve your overall shot accuracy.

The first pointer and probably the most important is that you need an Anchor point, I cannot stress this enough. If you take anything from this article take this pointer. It alone will improve your accuracy a great deal. When you draw your bow and are at full draw you have to find at least two points where you can anchor the string and your hand EVERY time you draw your bow.

When I’m shooting my first anchor point is putting my index knuckle behind my ear lobe, and my second anchor point is putting the string on … Read the rest