Training for 800 Meter to Win

For those who wish to race the ultimate foot race in track and field; the 800-meter awaits to test your strength of character and will. In fact some say it is the hardest race. Sprinters hate it because it kills them to sprint that far and distance runners despise it because it asks them to do the impossible. Set a pace at full speed and hold it for 800-meters. Indeed to win, that is what you must do too.

But how can one train for such a grueling race? Well it takes a lot of hard workouts that will feel and seem like a race each time you do them. The goal is to do intervals at 90-100% race pace over and over conditioning your body to take the ultimate abuse; sprinting 800-meters and putting yourself near death upon completion.

Hey, if you cannot handle the work-outs or the race you are not alone and I completely understand. Although, I have less respect for you now that you have wimped out, than I did a minute ago when you started to read this article, so I hope you understand where I am coming from. Who am I to talk so tough? Well, I competed in that race and was undefeated for just under 5-years and I can tell you it beat me up to stay at the level, both the work outs and the races.

There are no weak runners in the top tier 800-meter athletes, there never have been and there never will be. If you cannot do the workouts three times per week of heavy intervals and the distance running in between, then you can never be a top 800-meter runner. Of course if you want to win the race you will need all that training and shear guts to win the victory. How do I know all this? Well, let’s just say I know. Now, there are some coaches that think they can train their athletes to win another way, but I have never met any of their athletes who had ever beaten me. Think on it.