Treat Tennis Elbow


Resting your injury is essential for your tennis elbow before you attempt to fix it with physical therapy.


Doctors always recommend that you keep ice on any serious muscle or tendon injury to reduce the swelling–it will help your injury heal as well as reducing inflammation.

(side note:) Another tennis elbow treatment that will help you is, if you do take pain medication: avoid aspirin, acetaminophen, and other fever reducer/antipyretic. Instead use something with an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, to keep the swelling down.


Get a wrap for your arm and wrist. This is another way to keep the swelling down and to keep your muscles and tendons from being further abused by helping keep them compressed and in place.


Whenever you can, try to elevate your injured arm–this will help keep your arm from additional pain and swelling due to too much blood in the injured place. Lifting your arm reduces the amount of blood flowing through the arm.


Do not try to do it all yourself, get a medical specialist to have a look at the injury and determine tennis elbow treatment for you.

When you have to receive tennis elbow treatment for any serious tennis elbow condition–which is considered a Repetitive Stress Injury, (RSI) so as soon as you begin to improve you should start, gently with a couple of resistance tennis elbow exercises. Of course, you want to start simple, and work your way up to things like dumbbells.

If you strain to re-gain strength before the tendons and muscles are ready, you can considerably undo any progress you may have made–or even make the problem worse. Once you can use dumbbells (even very light ones) we suggest that you try various exercises.

For example:

  1. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, sit down.
  2. Lay your forearms down your thighs.
  3. Be sure that your hands are hanging over your knees.
  4. Your palms should be facing upwards.
  5. Begin by curling the weight upwards at the wrist and lowering slowly.