Types Of Swimming Goggles


They come in various forms; however, the most common ones are silicon and foam. Silicone units are the most popular as they are easy to find. If you are thorough in your research you can find foam goggles. The good side with them is that they come in different colors and sizes thus you have many options.

Swim masks

They are ideal for someone interested in having a unique look. The main advantage of the units is that they easily sit around your eyes thus ensuring that you are comfortable. The masks also provide you with a large field of view thus you easily see where you are swimming.

They come in different sizes and shapes where there are some that are more streamlined than others. Since they are easy to adjust, they can be easily worn even by kids. To create variety they come in different colors, sizes, and lenses.


These are ideal for you if you are planning of engaging in a lot of outdoor swimming. The units aid in providing protection from sun and harmful UV rays. They also aid in reducing reflected light off the water. Most of the goggles are light gray or “smoke.”


These are common with people with eye problems. For example, you can have them if you are short or longsighted. The units are usually installed with powerful lenses that help you to see clearly despite your condition. There are others that are configured with replacement lenses that allow you to choose a different diopter for each eye.

To get the ideal goggles, you need to visit your doctor who will prescribe the best ones for you.